List Of Best Websites To Learn anything online

Internet is an ocean of information where you are limited only by your mind. These days learning resources on the online platforms have made it possible for any individual to learn any subject beyond what's being taught at schools, universities or corporates. There is no shortage of online learning resources. While there are many free resources to learn online, it takes is a tiny fee to get verified certificates on others.

However, the overwhelming number of online learning resources also has its own disadvantages. The never-ending list of high-quality resources can sometimes make it a tedious task to choose the right one. In such cases, this article will help you reach the perfect course in the simplest way.

Best websites to learn

This post has an extensive variety of best websites to learn your favorite subject. It has been divided into five sections, with each section dealing with a certain category of courses. There are courses which do not require you to pay any fee. At the same time, there are some which require you to pay a nominal fee to be a part of them.

Here are details you can find in this article -

  1. Best websites to learn Coding and Web Development

  2. Best websites to learn New Languages

  3. Best websites for online courses

  4. Best websites to learn for free

  5. Best websites to learn new things

  6. Few other options to learn online

Best Websites To Learn Coding And Web Development

1. Codecademy

Best websites to learn

Codecademy will help you have a better insight into the world of coding. It is one of the popular websites and most importantly, helps you learn how to code for no cost. This website is suitable to learn a great variety of programming languages. At any rate, the premium plan at Codecademy will help you access all lessons without restrictions.

Premium Subscription: $19 per month

2. Treehouse

Best websites to learn

For people interested in coding, Treehouse is a game-changer. In contrast to the previously mentioned Codecademy, this website offers only premium membership. It makes coding a matter of ease and fun with an extensive library of real-time code engine and numerous videos. it is advisable to check out the 7-day trial provided by Treehouse to get acquainted with the entire platform.

Basic Plans: Starting at $21.59

3. Udacity

Best websites to learn

If you are looking for free programming courses, Udacity is the perfect destination. This popular website also features an extensive library of paid programming courses. Udacity helps you learn from employees associated with popular companies like Facebook, AT&T, and Google. By paying a comparatively low fee, you can also get certificates and nano degrees. At any rate, Udacity makes it possible for you to learn at your own speed.

Best Websites To Learn New Languages

1. Duolingo

Best websites to learn

To learn new languages, Duolingo is one of the best websites to give a try. Moreover, there is no fee to pay to try out the extensive list of impressive services provided by the website. To make the task of learning new languages extremely enjoyable, Duolingo offers different games. With limited lives, you are required to answer questions in time. Duolingo makes it incredibly easy for you to learn several languages from across the globe like Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French.

Premium Subscription: $6.99 per month

2. Lingvist

Best websites to learn

With the help of artificial intelligence, Lingvist is making it easier for people to learn new languages. It keeps track of your skills and knowledge. This, in turn, helps the website tailor your learning material simultaneously. Instead of learning everything, Lingvist helps you learn the new language in a focused way at a relatively higher pace.

Monthly Subscription: $9.99 per month

3. Babbel

Best websites to learn

Among the best websites to learn, Babbel gets a count. This popular language-learning platform uses a step-by-step approach to help you learn the new language seamlessly. At the same time, it also makes use of visual aids to make learning easier. This website also features speech recognition exercises. This particular feature of Babbel helps it stand out among its compatriots.

Monthly Subscription: $12.95 per month

Best Websites for Online Courses

1. Khan Academy

Best websites to learn

Khan Academy is a non-profit website is known for the overwhelming number of free courses it offers on a variety of topics. Therefore, if you are looking for any course associated with science, a bit of economics, or any other random topic, there is a great possibility that you won't have to look beyond Khan Academy. Courses offered by this popular website have been thoroughly prepared to make them easy for you to learn.

2. Coursera

Best websites to learn

Among the best websites to learn, Coursera stands at the top of the list. The courses it offers are from some of the most renowned universities in the world. There is a big chance to find courses on almost every topic on this website. But, as a matter of fact, Coursera requires you to pay to make use of its top-notch services. There are however courses you can do for free without certification. So if your objective is to learn and do not care about showing it to the world, Coursera is a great place to start.

3. LinkedIn Learning

Best websites to learn