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Reviewing Sadhev - where ayurveda meets luxury

Ayurveda’s importance has grown drastically in the past few years. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest traditional forms of medication. I started adopting the 5000-year-old learnings of Ayurvedic science in form of home remedies and natural food supplements in our kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic, both to boost myimmunity and to lead a healthy and safe life. Now, it was time to incorporate the Ayurvedic learnings in my skin-care regime. With that aim, I started looking out for authentic Ayurvedic skincare products and luckily chanced upon Cholayil’s latest beauty venture, Sadhev.

Sadhev - Ayurvedic Healing
Luxurious beauty products from Sadhev

Cholayil, the company that owns the famous Medimix brand brings the 200-year-old secrets and science of their forefather’s Ayurvedic experience from their ancestral home in Kerala to the modern world in the form of brand Sadhev. Sadhev sources its ingredients from its very own organic farm in South India named Sadhevana. At Sadhevana, the botanicals are grown organically – without adding any form of chemicals/pesticides. Products from Sadhev are infused with these purest and choicest ingredients that heals and uplifts one from inside out. Sadhev is also backed by a team of experienced vaidyars (traditional Ayurvedic doctors), who pour their years of expertise in the products to suit particular skin and hair types.

In this article, I list out 3 products from Sadhev that I purchased, tried, absolutely loved, and highly recommend.

Sadhev ayurveda Natural Lip Balm

I have used a variety of lip balms but most of them either leave a thin white layer on my lips or a colored tint that looks too artificial. As someone constantly on the lookout for the perfect lip balm, the Sadhev Natural Lip Balm caught my attention with its promises of moisturizing and hydrating properties. After trying it out for about a month now, I can confidently say that it's a nourishing and effective choice for keeping my lips soft and supple.

Sadhev Natural Lip Balm - Art of Ayurveda
Sadhev Natural Lip Balm

The aspect that I love most about the Sadhev Natural Lip Balm is that it is made of natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, vegan, plant based, and cruelty free. The lip balm combines coconut oil with betanin and vulgaxanthin, the red pigments from beetroot. Knowing that I’m applying natural ingredients to my lips gives me peace of mind.

Sadhev Natural Lip Balm effectively combats dryness and prevents chapping of lips. I like how I don’t need to constantly reapply the lip balm, as it goes a long way. The lip balm has a pleasant fragrance that is refreshing. The only downside is that the lip balm comes in a small container packaging that requires washing hands each time before application of the balm to prevent contaminating the product. It also isn’t portable and is difficult to carry in pockets as compared to the tube/stick lip balms.

Sadhev ayurveda Magnolia Shower Oil

I have dry and flaky skin but don’t have time or patience to apply moisturizer every time I get out of the shower. Sadhev Magnolia Shower Oil works as a moisturizing agent that helps deal with my skin problems. The shower oil is a blended mixture of all ingredients that are chemical free and good for skin, namely coconut, sesame oil, magnolia, and castor oil. Coconut acts as a skin cleanser, sesame as a skin conditioner, magnolia as an anti-oxidant, and castor oil provides anti-ageing effect.

Sadhev Magnolia Shower Oil - The art of Ayurveda
Sadhev Magnolia Shower Oil

The fragrance of magnolia in the Sadhev Magnolia Shower Oil is intoxicating. My shower smells like heaven and the products ends up giving me a luxurious bath experience. I am completely hooked to using this shower gel. It is a bit pricey but well worth every rupee. It also goes a long way as only a pea-sized amount is enough to lather the entire body. Not only does the shower oil cleanse my skin but it also leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. No wonder it does magic to my skin – my skin is smooth since I have started using the shower gel.

Sadhev Magnolia Shower Oil leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated after the shower just like a walk in the nature. The ayurveda product claims to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. I am yet to see those results but I know those will be visible only after long-term use.

Sadhev ayurveda Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar

Now that I am in my mid-thirties, I do not trust any skin care products that are full of chemicals. There’s no price for guessing what wonders sandal and saffron can do to our skin’s health. Sadhev Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar is made of rich natural ingredients that help fight acne and blemishes. Sandal wood’s astringent and antibacterial properties help exfoliate the skin and saffron’s anti-fungal and skin-lightening properties help in soothing skin and provide an everlasting glow.

Sadhev - Art of Ayurveda
Sadhev Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar

Sadhev Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar also contains almond oil and ginger that prevents skin damaging and protects skin from sun damage. So many properties in one bathing bar is a steal! The bathing bar has a strong sandal wood scent that lingers on the body even after 2-3 hours of bath. Being a luxury Ayurveda product, it is free of any chemicals and paraben. The bar cleanses my skin and balances pH levels without making it too dry. I feel soft and smooth hours later.

Sadhev Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar has transformed my daily shower routine into a delightful spa-like experience. The gentle exfoliation it provides has revealed a smoother, more radiant complexion. It greatly helped me in removing tan lines from my hands and legs. Sadhev Sandal & Saffron Bathing Bar is the only reason that motivates me to bath these cold winter mornings!

Sadhev products - where ayurveda meets luxury

I highly recommend the above three products from Sadhev. With people getting curious day-by-day about what goes into the skin care products they use, Sadhev’s products will go a long way for their natural and unconventional methods of Ayurvedic healing.


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