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10 Pleasing Artificial Flower Decoration Ideas for your home

Flowers are always an elegant way to decorate as well as they also brighten up your home. Artificial flowers enhance your home décor by giving a similar look like that of the natural flowers. They also set a very cheery mood for your home. These days, artificial flowers also come with fragrances similar to the natural flowers. They are an ideal choice for anyone looking for ways to add more colour and life to their homes.

Artificial Flowers for Decorating
Artificial Flowers are ideal choice for decorating your home

Having artificial flowers as one of your home décor items can enhance the beauty of your house. Artificial flowers look fresh all the time while looking exactly like the real flowers as well as aesthetically pleasing too.

Decorating your home with artificial flowers is not at all time consuming and is very easy as well. Having artificial flowers as a part of your home decoration will leave your guests happy and impressed.

Why Artificial Flowers are a Great Way to Decorate House

Here are some reasons as to why artificial flowers are a great way to decorate your house:

1. You can buy them in any season. Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers are available regardless of the season. Some of them also come with fragrances like the real flowers so your house would smell great having these flower placed in the corners of your living room.

2. You don’t have to prepare these flowers before guests arrive at your house, i.e., you don’t have to set these flowers in a bouquet as they come arranged already and you don’t have to worry about changing the water or rather even filling the vase with water for them.

3. If you have someone in your house who suffers from pollen allergy, artificial flowers can be one of the best home décor options for you.

4. You can place them anywhere without worrying about the perfect spot as they would look great in any corner.

5. You could use them as centerpieces of your dinner table or your coffee table, enhancing the beauty of your table and setting a happy mood for your dinner.

Artificial flowers for decoration
Artificial Flowers can look great on dinner table and set the mood

6. One of the main reasons why artificial flowers are preferred over real flowers is because of low to zero maintenance. The do not need you to take care of them and can keep looking good for years together.

7. The last, but not the least, is that these flowers look real and enhance your home décor just as much as the real flowers would.

Ideas to Decorate Your House with Artificial Flowers

You can decorate your house with different types and styles of artificial plants or flowers. Here are some ideas that you could implement for your home decoration.

1. Artificial Flowers in a String on pot or as a Toran

Artificial Flower for Decoration
Artificial Flower in a Hanging Pot

One way of decorating your house is by hanging string flowers. You can put hanging artificial flowers on your windows or you can hang a pot with artificial flowers on your balcony or near your window. You could buy a hanging pot and place these flowers in it and find a perfect place to hang these flowers.

They look very realistic, come in all sorts of colours and will fill the empty spot near your windows or would enhance the look of your balcony. They can also be placed in drawing rooms and at entrance door.

Apart from looking pretty these set of flowers are also very reasonable and yet comes with good quality. They are also easy to place so all you really have to do is to find a perfect spot to place them!

Many people like decorating the entrance to their home or any door using these type of flowers and forming a toran or archway. Torans made of artificial flowers last long with little or no maintenance and give the pleasure of seeing flowers right when one enters the home. Toran made of marigold artificial flowers is the most popular and are readily available to simply put on your door with ease. You can also explore making torans with artificial flowers on your own with your choice of flowers and sprinkle it with some artificial leaves.

Check out these beautiful options to add hanging artificial flowers to your home

2. Artificial Flowers in a Pot

This is the most classic style to decorate your house with artificial flowers. You can take any type of vase with different shapes and styles and put your flowers in the vase. You could also take a transparent glass pot, fill it with water and cut the stems of the artificial flowers and place them in the water making them float. You can also add floating candles to it to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Options to buy include artificial flowers with pots or you can simply buy your favourite flowers and place them in a vase / bowl / pot that you may already have at your home.

Here are some beautiful artificial flowers in a pot for decorating your home

You can buy artificial orchids and place them in a pot as orchids look exotic and beautiful. You can put these artificial orchids in a pot and add some garden soil to it to make it look more realistic. You can put these on your centre table or the side tables or you can even put them in the corners of your living room to fill them up as well as make the corner look more impressive. These orchids come in different colour combination for you to choose from. They are also very pocket friendly and easy to clean as well. It comes with the pot attached to it so you don’t have to find another one to place them in.

3. Artificial Flowers with Cycle

Artificial flowers along with a cycle is one of the most popular ways to decorate your home. More than just decoration, these little cycles along with pretty flowers form a perfect gift to anyone you love. These are bound to be a delight to anyone who lays their sight on them.

White cycles are the most popular choices here and there are few other colored cycles as options too. You can put any pretty flowers in the baskets of these cycles based on what your loved one prefers.

There are many options to choose artificial flowers on a cycle as a gift combo where you also get an appropriate card or teddy for your loved ones.

Check out these beautiful options to get artificial flowers with cycle

4. Artificial Flowers in a Jute basket

Artificial Flower for Decoration
Artificial Flowers in a Jute Basket

You can have a collection of different flowers like a bouquet of different roses and cut the stems in a required length to place them in a small jute picnic-style basket. It can also be a hanging basket or you could simply place it in a normal jute basket and put on a side table of your room or as a showpiece on the centre table.

Check out these artificial flowers that go with jute bag

Placing artificial flowers in a basket gives a very cutesy look to the area wherever you put it in your house. You can put these small baskets on your study table to brighten up your mood whenever you sit to work on it.

5. Artificial Flowers As a Photo Frame

Artificial Flowers for Decoration
Artificial Flowers as a Photo Frame

You can make a photo frame out of artificial flowers and put it on your walls to make them look beautiful and unique. You could also put dried flowers in the frame. It could be a DIY craft project where you buy some raw materials and create an artificial flowers based personal photo frame.

There are products that comes with flowers embedded in a frame and you can keep them on your side tables or your study table. They look unique as well as give off a very cheery and bright vibe. It is a bit expensive than the other products but it looks unique and beautiful and would add life to your side tables or your walls.

Check out these lovely products to create decorative photo frames using artificial flowers

6. Artificial Flower Balls

Artificial Flowers for Decoration
Artificial Flower Balls

You could hang or place these flower balls on your side tables. They look really pretty and unique. They come in various colours and they too give off a very cutesy vibe.

You can hang these flower balls in your balcony or near your window and pair it up with small yellow LEDs to make it look more beautiful. It comes in different colours and sizes so you can have a variety of them to decorate your house. There are also options where 2 colours combine to enhance to the look. You can hang them from ceiling or place them in a vase, either ways they will look amazing. Add a touch of satin laces or artificial peals to them and you will have a very premium feel to the decor.

Check out these flower balls that you will love

7. Artificial Flower Chandelier

Artificial Flower Decoration
Artificial Flower Chandelier

This could be another DIY project where you can buy some suitable artificial flowers and arrange them in the form of a chandelier. You could make a flower chandelier on your own by buying different flowers and tying them upside down on a decorative tray. You could hang them over your dinner table to give it a different look. You could also add little LED lights to give it a look of a chandelier.

You can buy different colours of similar flowers or different flowers altogether to make a chandelier. This product is pocket friendly so you could buy a bunch of them and style it in your way.

Check out these artificial flowers that can be used to make chandelier

8. Artificial Flowers in a Tea Cup

Artificial Flowers for Decoration
Artificial Flowers in a Tea cup

You can place artificial flowers in a teacup to give your tea table a relatively British look and enhance your tea parties. This will leave your guests impressed.

You can buy different colours of such flowers and place them in a teacup like you place them in a vase or you could simply shorten the length of the stems of flowers to your requirement to place it in a cup. This will give your table a very vintage and a cutesy look. They can also be used to place in any other way on tea tables or dining table.

You ought to use these lovely artificial flowers to decorate your dining table

9. Artificial Flower Hanger or Hoop

Artificial Flower for Decoration
Artificial Flowers on a Hoop

You can buy or paint an iron hanger and fix artificial flowers on them and hang it in your balcony or near your window to give it a very elegant and different look.

You could shorten the length of the flowers to your requirement and tie them over an iron hanger. You could either cover the whole hanger or only half of it as per your preference and hang it wherever you want.

Ready to use flower hoops are also available to buy. They are available in different sizes as well as materials.

Buy these artificial flowers on a hoop to add your style to your home

10. Artificial Flowers on a Lantern or Birdcage

Artificial Flower for Decoration
Artificial Flowers in Lanterns

Bringing back classics is always a good idea to enhance the look of your house. Draping artificial flowers on lanterns would give your house a very vintage and rustic look. You could cut the stems down and place these flowers in the lantern, you could take different colours or types of flowers and place it in the lantern. You could also add lights inside the lantern to give it a more aesthetic look.

Artificial Flowers for Decoration
Artificial Flowers in a Birdcage

Using a birdcage would also make it very aesthetic and a unique way to decorate your home with artificial flowers. You could buy a birdcage and hang flowers on it along with a series of yellow LED lights or use it as lantern so they would stand out even in the night.

You can place the birdcage in your balcony or hang it or you could place it in your kitchen or your living room near the window. This product is relatively a little expensive than the other products but it is worth the money as it gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to your home.

Here are some artificial flowers for decoration that you could put in lanterns :

These lantern or bird cage could enhance the decor at your home

Flowers brings a very happy vibe and they are a must-have décor item for your house, they also leave your guests impressed.

Which one of these was your favourite artificial flower decoration idea? Let us know.


Artificial Flowers For Decoration


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