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6 easy steps to learn Mandala Art

Mandala art is an art form which is recently getting a lot of fame and you can see artists trying out this art form. The art form is satisfying to look at and has intricate details that make it look difficult to draw but you can find some easy mandala arts for beginners too.

Easy mandala art
Beautiful Mandala Art

Mandalas have been around for a long time dating back to the 4th century. They are originally from the Asian continent and were a religious symbol for most of the Asian religions. They are now so popular that you can find them all around the world!

Mandala art is an art form which includes geometric configurations. A Mandala art can be also be seen as a sacred or spiritual art form as it has also been used by professionals as a tool for meditating. It also represents the cosmos in the modern sense and can be taken as a symbol of different deities in the more traditional or religious sense.

In Asian culture, a Mandala is a spiritual symbol, so if you have studied Asian history you have most likely encountered some information about Mandalas. In the Hindu culture, it is believed that if you move towards the centre of a Mandala you are most likely to transform and turn your pain and stress into happiness and joy, the same is believed in Buddhism. It is believed that the followers of Gautam Buddha were the first ones to carry Mandalas with them while travelling through the Silk Route.

If you look at some of the traditional Mandala arts you would find some similar symbols in all of them unlike now where easy Mandalas are drawn with the help of regular geometrical shapes.

How Do Mandalas Benefit Health?

Drawing a Mandala can boost your creativity, but can it boost your health? Of course! Here are some points on how drawing Mandala boosts your health-

  1. Mandalas basically consist of circles and circles are always connected to meditation.

  2. Mandalas can be satisfying to look at so that can help relax your mind.

  3. Different Mandalas are also colourful to look at so that can help you feel energetic throughout the day.

  4. Drawing or looking at Mandalas can help in releasing stress and calming yourself down.

  5. Drawing or looking at Mandalas creates a state of mind where it is easy to accept new situations and learn new things. Looking at or creating a Mandala helps in the functioning of both the sides of the brain so that one could get more connected with their inner-self.

  6. Since it is a part of meditation it helps cure depression too.

Easy Mandala Art
Benefits of Drawing a Mandala

How to Draw Easy Mandala Art-

For a beginner, a Mandala Art may seem to be something which is difficult to draw and which may need a lot of time and patience as well. But there are easy to draw Mandala Arts too, which are great for beginners to practice and get better at it.

All you need is a paper (even a paper from your notebook or journal would work!), a pencil, a compass, a ruler, a protractor, a thick marker of any colour, a thin marker or a pen of any colour and you are set to draw your very own Mandala art!

Here are a few steps that would help you draw an easy Mandala Art-

  1. Start by drawing a bigger circle with the help of your compass and pencil.

  2. Move to make a smaller circle inside the bigger circle. (Make sure the second circle is not way too small.)

  3. Go ahead making two or three smaller circles within the bigger circles. (You can make these inner circles with a smaller circumference as you like)

  4. This gives you a basic format of a Mandala. Now within the space between the bigger circles and the smaller circles, you can add designs according to your choice. You can also add more circles within this space if you want to.

  5. You can fill the space between the two bigger circles with different colour markers or pens or you can make easy designs within them.

  6. You can do the same within the space between the smaller circles too. You can fill them with double lines of different colours or criss-cross lines or you can fill them up with dark, big dots or even simple flower petals.

Easy mandala art
Steps to Draw Mandala

How to make Mandala look more appealing:

Mandalas are anyway really aesthetic to look at. You can make it look more appealing by adding different colours to it. Even if you are an amateur and if you have drawn a very basic and easy Mandala art, adding colour would make it look cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. You can add the colour of your choice in each circle and make it look more attractive. You can also use different colours in one circle to make it look more exquisite.

Easy Mandala Art
Colourful Mandala Art

Filling the Mandalas with different colours helps in relieving your stress and since it is pleasing to eyes, it calms you down and makes you happy and refreshed. As it is also mentioned earlier that Mandalas were basically used for meditation, adding colours to it enhances the meditation quality by making your mind calm and gives you a soothing feeling.

You can either paint the background and then draw a Mandala like the above picture or you could draw a Mandala and then paint in it or you could just use different colour pencils or pens to make the outline of your Mandala art on a blank white page.

Some Instagram Accounts to Help You-

If you are looking for some short videos on how to draw an easy Mandala art then here are some Instagram accounts that might help you with the steps to draw an easy Mandala art or these accounts might help you get new ideas for drawing your mandalas.

  1. @beautiful_mandalas (Tag them and add #beautiful_mandalas to be featured on their Instagram feed.)

  2. (you can add #ilovesharingmandala while posting on your account to be featured on their account)

  3. @mandalaslovers

  4. @_mandala_drawings (Add #_mandala_drawings to get featured on their Instagram account.)

  5. (Tag them in your mandala art post or use the #mandalafeaturingpage to get featured on their Instagram feed)

  6. @zenart.features (Tag them and use #zenartfeatures or #LDAM to get featured on their Instagram feed)

  7. @mandala.feat (Tag them and add #mandala_feat_me to get featured on their Instagram feed)

  8. @worldwide.mandala (Tag them to get a chance to be featured on their Instagram account)

  9. @brilliant_mandalas (Use #brilliantmandalas and tag them to be featured on their Instagram account)

  10. @saudamini.madra (You can send them a text message or e-mail them to buy their artwork.)

Mandalas can be a really relaxing art form which could help you relieve your everyday stress and make your mind calmer as well as bring out your creative styles. Let us know if these steps helped you to draw mandala art successfully in the comment box below!


Easy mandala Art

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