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Bring Home 'World of Ek' - Product Review

Ever since our last wooden platter serving board cracked, we have been looking for a sturdy, environment-friendly board. Being food photographers, we browsed the web endlessly, failing to find a good-looking board. Recently, our searches led us to the World of Ek website, where we found this beautiful decorative wooden platter matching all our requirements, and we instantly placed the order. Here’s our review of the products that we ordered.

About World of Ek

World Of Ek is a home décor, furnishing, and wellness brand launched by the entertainment industry icon Ekta Kapoor. It is an endeavour to put forward the work of local artisans and promote Indian craftmanship. The brand brings forward a collection of products that puts together a mix of Indian traditional art and wellness practices focusing on modern aesthetics.

Every product on the World of Ek website has unique designs and patterns and comes in vibrant colours. The brand has partnered with SMEs who work closely with select artisans in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The materials are thoughtfully used, keeping in mind their impact on the environment, one’s well-being, and their significance in Indian culture.

For example, rich materials like pure cotton, brass, copper, and mango wood are used to positively impact one’s well-being; and Mandala designs are used in various World of Ek products as they attract balance and positivity.

What did we order?

As mentioned, we have been looking for a decorative wooden platter forever. We really loved the ‘Utkarsh Mandala Enamel Print Wooden Platter with Bowls’ and ordered it without a second thought. We also stumbled upon unique incense sticks in their wellness products and ordered the ‘Shuddhi Natural Incense Stick’ with our favourite aroma – Patchouli and Nag Champa.

Our review of the World of Ek products

Both our products, the wooden platter, and the incense sticks, were delivered within a span of 4 days after we placed the order. They arrived nicely packed in environmental-friendly packaging and without any damage.

The ‘Utkarsh Mandala Enamel Print Wooden Platter with Bowls’ exceeded our expectations. It is bigger in size than what we thought and is smooth to touch. It’s extremely pretty to sit on our centre table forever. It looks good with the board alone and even better with the 3 bowls. The dark blue coloured base with colourful mandala enamel prints looks absolutely fantastic.

What we really liked is that the wooden platter board, as well as the bowls, are made with mango wood. They are solid and sturdy, just what we were looking for! True to its purpose, it really did fill our space with positive vibes. In addition, it also adds a touch of class to the kitchen counter. We once filled the bowls with dry fruits and served them on the wooden platter to our guests during a house party, and everyone asked us about the product. The designer deserves big applause.

Another product that we ordered was the ‘Shuddhi Natural Incense Sticks’ in Patchouli and Nag Champa aromas – both being our favourite flowers. As soon as we opened the cardboard box they were packed in, their strong fragrance filled the entire room. The incense sticks are natural and made with organic flowers. Furthermore, they are charcoal free – meaning they do not produce smoke when lit. What’s best is that they came with the incense stick holder.

Each pack of incense sticks contains 30 hand-rolled sticks that are meticulously handcrafted by women artisans using ancient Vedic herbs. They are infused with a strong enriching aroma. We light them early in the morning during our meditation sessions, and believe us, they not only spread soothing fragrance in the room we are in but also in the adjacent rooms! We specifically love the Nag Champa aroma; it exactly smells like Nag Champa flowers.

The look, feel, and aesthetics of both the products reduce anxiety, refresh our brains, and bring in mental relief. We love how the design and material of the products impart harmony and bring peace to our personal space. Oh, and did we mention that all the World of Ek products are super affordable compared to other manufacturers?! Their products are priced starting from INR 299. They do this by omitting the role of middlemen in the supply chain.


World of Ek has some great products under the home linen, home décor, and jewellery category that we are looking for. A big cheer to them to identify the art forms that are slowly getting obsolete and give the artisans a fair price for their talent.

Their bed sheets and linens are 100% cotton and breathable and come in distinct designs and colours. Have a look at their handmade kitchenware products, and you will surely be impressed. It seems like we are going to place lots of orders with them in the near future.

If you are in need of home décor, home furnishing, and wellness accessories that are 100% natural, organic, and environmentally friendly, then World of Ek is your go-to brand. So go, order your favourites before they run out of stock. We will look forward to your experiences with their products in the comments section below.



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