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8 Best Hotels for a Fun Staycation in Singapore for families

Sitting at home in this pandemic may have turned out to be boring for those who love to travel. The only option for a safe and fun travel method for now is a staycation. Staycation is a relatively new term and a trend among those who love to travel. Staycations ensure that you travel with your family while having a good time and being safe too.

Staycation In Singapore
Merlion Park Singapore

What is a Staycation-

The word staycation combines two words which are stay and vacation. This term means a vacation that you can go on at home or near your home.

This term came in use in 2008 in the United States of America when the citizens were forced to limit their vacation budget. Hence, people started to visit nearby places to save money. This was a way to increase the economy of the United States as people travelled within the country itself and spent holidays within the country.

With the unlocking and reopening, now that the situation has become better than before you can try to explore your surrounding by going on a staycation with your family.

Staycation in singapore for families
Take a break, Try a Staycation in Singapore

Why is Staycation Important?

Staycation is a great way to re-discover your surroundings and have fun at the same time. Often one would have seen many places across the world but not have explored your own backyard. A staycation is exactly that sort of opportunity. Discover those lovely lesser known gems in your own city as you plan a staycation.

Also since offices have opened up, everyone has gotten into word mode and is working harder than ever before. People have leaves which are not yet used and have started feeling the need to take a break. Since travelling abroad comes with its own risks, a staycation is an ideal solution that gives you a break without going very far from your home.

Since the pandemic, it is almost considered unsafe to travel out of borders yet, hence bringing down the tourism of several countries. Tourism of Singapore contributes 4% to the GDP of the country, attracting people to its culture and lifestyle. It plays a key role in the economy of Singapore. A staycation can be a great way to increase the economy of a small country like Singapore.

A country like Singapore has a lot of fun activities that you and your family can explore and experience. A staycation with your family is the ideal solution in such trying times.

Staycation in Singapore for family
It is important to go on a staycation with family

Best Hotels for a Fun Staycation in Singapore - For Families

If you are looking for staycation options in Singapore and couldn’t have any luck finding hotels, here is a list of staycation hotels where you and your family can enjoy.

1. Sofitel Singapore Resort and Spa-

This beautiful resort by the beach definitely makes a place on this list. You can visit this resort with your family and enjoy the spa or go swimming in the pool.

If you want to relax and enjoy your staycation in Singapore then this resort is definitely preferred. This resort has interactive activities for your kids also; like storytelling.

You can stay there for three nights and explore the vicinity. There are several places to visit near this resort. For example- Universal Studios is at a distance of 1.5 km. So you can spend time there as it is the best attraction to visit with kids.

Staycation in Singapore
Sofitel Resort

2. Shangri-La Rasa-

Shangri-La Rasa is opening up for bookings for people who want to experience a staycation in Singapore from the 23rd of December. This resort has a private beach so you can go and relax on the beach without getting disturbed by a lot of public.

It offers a staycation package named as the ‘Tropical Family Escapade’ where the staycation includes a picnic at the sea, visit to Nestopia which is an outdoor playground, and access to the Tooth Club. The hotel also arranges fun activities for the kids.

This package is for 2 adults, 2 kids under 12 years. You can spend 2 nights and 3 days here for your staycation and enjoy the facilities. The package can be customized as per your needs as well.

Staycation in Singapore
Shangri-La Rasa

3. Shangri-La Hotel-

This is a kid’s friendly hotel so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids not enjoying when at Shangri-La hotel. In fact, you could also join them in the fun. The pool services provide with water guns and water slides so your kids can have a blast staying here.

While your kids enjoy you can hit the spa and relax for a while. The package also includes a picnic in their beautiful garden. So this is the place you could visit with your family.

You can plan two nights staycation and enjoy the facilities. You can also visit the Botanical garden while staying there as it is at a distance of 1.1 km from the hotel.

Staycation in Singapore
Shangri-La Hote;

4. Four Season Hotel-

If you have pets and do not wish to leave them at home then you must visit this hotel for a staycation, as it is pet friendly. It also provides with a kid’s friendly environment.

While kids have fun, you can visit the spa and relax there. the hotel has 2 pools, one adult and one kid’s pool as well. It also has a tennis court so you could go for a fun tennis game with your kids.

You can plan a staycation of 2 days here along with your pet.

Staycation in Singapore
Four Season Hotel

5. Fullerton Bay Hotel-

Fullerton Bay has a staycation offer named as ‘Perfect Staycation’ which offers breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids under the age of 6 and ala carte food items.

It also offers spa facilities. So, if you are looking for a relaxing staycation in Singapore, Fullerton Bay is your stop. Marina Bay Link Mall is at a distance of 0.3 km from the Fullerton Bay Hotel if you're interested in shopping.

You can plan a overnight stay here to get relaxed and have a change in your surroundings and routine.

Staycation in Singapore
Fullerton Bay Hotel

6. Mandarin Oriental Singapore-

This hotel offers experiences that will make your kids happy. It provides the tickets of Nerf Action Xperience for 3 hours under the family package. So while the parents can enjoy the luxurious room and the swimming pool, kids can experience a lot of different fun activities.

You can visit here for two days and enjoy the facilities. What’s more is that Pororo Park is at a distance of 0.1 km, so it might be a staycation in Singapore for the parents but a total vacation for the kids!

Staycation in Singapore
Mandarin Oriental

7. Marina Bay Sands-

While talking about where to spend your staycation in Singapore, we can not leave behind Marina Bay Sands and its beautiful infinity pool!

It is surrounded by several sight-seeing places as well as trendy cafes and restaurants. If you want to enjoy the pool you have to book a slot an hour before.

It also has a casino so you could enjoy that facility as well. You can plan 4 days staycation at this hotel.

Staycation in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands

8. Villa Samadhi Singapore-

Villa Samadhi is a very beautiful place to have a staycation in Singapore. It has a very classic black and white look, and it will make you feel that you are away from the chaos of the city.

The hotel is surrounded by lots of greenery giving it a natural vibe. It also has a private pool in few rooms. The chirping birds would definitely make you feel like you are in a peaceful jungle.

This is one of the best hotels to go to relax and feel peaceful. If you want to enjoy more gorgeous scenery then you could visit the Labrador Nature reserve which is at a distance of 0.3 kilometre from the Villa.

Staycation in Singapore
Villa Samadhi Singapore

In such times, staycation in Singapore is better than going out of the country and risking your health when Singapore has such beautiful resorts and hotels that you could visit and enjoy. So one of the coming weekends or holiday, take a break from your routine life, head out with your family to one of the above mentioned lovely properties and enjoy a quality staycation in Singapore.

Let us know if you could prevail any such offers or facilities in the comment box!


Staycation in Singapore

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