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10 fun games for long-distance relationship couples

Keeping a steady relationship in this busy and chaotic life is hard, and maintaining a long-distance one is even harder. Unfortunately, long-distance relationship is the reality of most couples in today’s world. Being unable to connect easily with your partner, creates a barrier in understanding each other and supporting one another. The worst scenario occurs when you and your partners live in different time zones. Getting only a couple of hours to talk to each other creates a communication gap, and before you know it, the spark in your relationship disappears and you start feeling disconnected and indifferent towards your partner.

Games for long distance relationship
Long distance relationships

Long-distance relationships might not be ideal to feel physically closer to your partner but you can definitely build a strong emotional connect with your loved ones. One of the best ways to keep away the monotony of long phone calls and video chats is to play fun games every now and then with your partner.

Most couples have lived in a long-distance relationship at some point while some started their relationship as a long-distance one and many do have a long-distance relationship. No matter, which category you come under it is always nice to keep some fun tips and tricks ready under your sleeves to keep the spark alive in just a few hours of communication.

So, here are 10 games for long-distance relationship that will definitely brighten your day and bring back that spark.

1. Online Board games

Board games are the most loved indoor games of all time. No doubt, online board games is also a popular game for long-distance relationships. One of the best places to find board games is the Board Games arena. Just get on to Skype and play with your partner in real-time. A good game of Chess or Ludo will definitely beat the boredom.

Games for long distance relationship
Play online Ludo to spice up your long-distance relationship

2. Watch movies

Games for long distance relationship
Online movie dates

One of the best ways to connect with your partner from miles away is to watch a good thrilling or romantic movie simultaneously from your own devices. The best part begins after watching the movie. Simply quiz each other about what you watched or have a heated debate about the plot of the movie or the fine details you think your partner has missed.

Some of the best apps that lets you watch movies together in real-time are Netflix party, Watch2gether, and Twoseven.

3. Draw together

Games for long distance relationship
Draw your art together

If you and your partner are both art lovers, then this game for long-distance relationship is just for you. Set up a theme and then paint to your heart’s content whatever you think is suitable within a specific time. Then, look up at each other’s work and tell each other a short story or the concept behind your art.

You can always take this a step further and draw each other. Trust me, it is more fun than you actually think.

4. Conversation games

Video calling is very common in long distance relationships. To make your video calls more entertaining and to connect with your partner on a deeper emotional level play conversation games like,

This or that?: Create a list of alternatives like Cricket or football, chocolate or vanilla, roses or lilies, heels or flats, tea or coffee, etc, and then ask your partner what they opt for.

Games for long distance relationship
Play 'This or That' with your long distance relationship partner

Two truths and one lie: This is definitely a fun game for a long-distance relationship couple. Tell three sentences to your partner, two of which are true and one is a lie. Your partner then has to identify the lie you told.

Secret stories: Definitely a fun way to get to know each other’s secret sides. Here, you tell a secret story about yourself and your partner has to do the same.

5. Heads up!

If you like charades game then you are going to adore heads up for sure. Heads up was originally started in Ellen DeGeneres’ show but, later an online version was developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

It’s a thrilling guessing game where you choose from a deck of cards and your partner shouts out clues to you to guess the name within the given time. Card decks include various categories like movies, superheroes, accents, animals, and many more.

No wonder it can get you hooked for any period of time.

6. Scrabble

Games for long distance relationship
Scrabble with the words

Do you and your partner both have your ways with the words? If yes, try out this long-distance relationship game. Guess the words with the letters you have and earn points. Finding out extra words will fetch you extra points.

7. Have a virtual date

Games for long distance relationship
Have a virtual date

Nothing connects you more than finding time to have a virtual date from continents/states apart. To make it more fun, cook your meals together and sit down in your dimly lit living rooms in front of your computer pouring yourself a glass of wine.

It is always good to have a romantic virtual date night every now and then to keep your relationship always brightened and full of enthusiasm. Though, this one's not a game, you can end up making it one!

8. Sing karaoke

Games for long distance relationship
Singing to a Karaoke

Singing to karaoke is always fun and entertaining. Now, go off-tune together with your partner or sing flawlessly together hitting every note correctly and enjoy the closeness and passion between each other.

9. Never have I ever…!

Popularly known as the drinking game, Never have I ever will surely put you in a good mood.

You simply make a statement about something you haven't done before like, Never have I ever been to a gym. Now, if your partner has been to a gym before, he/she takes a sip of their drink or they lose points.

By the end of this funny long distance relationship game, you'll discover something new about your partner. That's what makes this game an all-time favourite among young couples and friends.

10. Pillow talk for the evening

Games for long distance relationship
An evening of pillow talk

Who doesn't love to spend an evening tucked in their bed with a mild drink and talk about their day to their loved ones giving them every minute details of their day?

An evening of pillow talk is exactly what you need to keep your long-distance relationship balanced and keeping yourself updated on what's happening on the other side of the phone.

Needless to say, long-distance relationship is hard and is filled with dramatic ups and downs. Having fun with these long-distance relationship games will lighten your mood and help you maintain a much better and healthier relationship with your partner.

So, which game did you like the most, or which one are you going to play next? Let us know in the comment section below.


Games for long distance relationship
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