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10 Ways to overcome stay at home mom burnout

Being a stay at home mom is the most fascinating and at the same time quite a stressful job.

stay-at-home mom
Stay at home Moms

It requires you to be proactive, hardworking, and needs your unparalleled concentration all the time. Though it seems to be quite an easy and normal job from the outside, it surely makes moms tired and results in burnouts.

How many times did you have to redo your kid’s bed in the morning, take up that extra laundry, or had to juggle your time between making lunch and feeding your kids? It’s a very typical routine of a stay at home mom with toddlers and teenagers. Following this crazy, chaotic schedule for too long can drive you insane and, in most cases, end up with you yelling at your kids for no damn reason.

If you are getting tired way ahead of your bedtime and then you have to drag yourself through the day just for the sake of your responsibilities, then stop!

You, better than all people, know that it’s time for a change and find something to do to avoid such burnouts before you do any more damage to yourself.

Here are some ways to overcome your burnouts that might help you to hold on tight in this crazy, roller-coaster ride and let you enjoy your motherhood.

1. Build a solid strategy

This is the very first step you should follow as a stay at home mom to avoid burnouts. You know your kid’s habits the best; when they sleep, when they are the most active, or when they are likely to get hungry. So, it’s best to build your schedule around that. It will save you a lot of energy and overcome burnouts.

2. Make time for yourself

stay-at-home mom
make some time for yourself

This goes without saying that you must keep some time of the day aside for yourself. Self-care is of utmost importance if you are going to take care of your children. Take some time off to unwind, spend a leisurely afternoon, take a walk, do yoga, or read your favourite book. This keeps your mind off of the responsibilities and will provide you all the positive energies.

3. Find your tribe

stay-at-home mom
Talk to your kind of People

Sometimes, it just gets hard to be a stay at home mom and you wish you could get some advice or help from other moms who are just like you. Talking to others who are going through the same phase as yours, gives you a lot more hope and faith that you are not the only one. Discuss your matters with them and surely you’ll find an obvious solution to your problem; thanks to your tribe.

4. Find some work to do with your kids

stay-at-home mom
Work with your kids

Your kids are your whole world and you love them with all your heart but, sometimes they transform into these cute little demons who have the sole purpose of making your house a mess and that means more work for mommy. Just find some fun work to do together with your kids. That way you get to keep them in one spot of the house and you can watch over them without running around the house. Best thing is, your kids will get to learn something new.

5. Talk to your partner

stay-at-home mom
It's easier to work together

Taking care of your family as a stay at home mom can be very stressful but, the good news is you don’t have to take up the load all by yourself. Talk to your partner and divide your chores so that you don’t burn out a lot. It’s all about teamwork and who else can be a better teammate than your partner.

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6. Take a break

Taking breaks is an absolute necessity. Don’t feel guilty if you loose time daydreaming or watching your favourite TV shows for a bit too long. It’s ok to take breaks and rest for a while. Sometimes, you won’t even realize how much you needed that break until you take one.

7. Don’t be afraid to get help

It’s completely fine to ask for help from someone else. Keep a nanny for a few hours a day who will watch over your kids. Take that time off to go out or do a bit of the thing you like the most.

8. Set up playdates

One of the most fun things you can do as a stay at home mom is setting up playdates for your child. You can take your kid to another’s house so that he/she can play with other kids. This is not just a matter of excitement for your kid, but for you too. You get to do your own things during that time while your kid has fun.

9. Let the kids be

stay-at-home mom
Let your kids be

Sometimes, you just need to stop telling your kid what they should do. Instead, let them do whatever they feel like. Restrain yourself from yelling at your kid every time you see them do just the things you asked them not to just a couple of minutes ago. Just sit back, relax, and watch them do their things. You might even find yourself laughing at the end of the day watching your kid do something really stupid.

10. Don’t overwork yourself

Being a stay at home mom, there is already a lot in your plate for a day from washing, cooking, feeding, and dirty laundry. Don’t take up unnecessary chores that will immensely tire you. Ask yourself if you really need to organize your wardrobe every week or clean every room in your house ten times a day. If not, then don’t tire yourself for no reason at all.

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These are some of the ways to avoid burnout as a stay at home mom. No matter what you do you must remember that there will be some ups and downs in this journey but you must never lose hope.

It’s okay to fail sometimes. You might not be good at this today but, you’ll get better with time. If you’ve completed one day without any scratches and your family is healthy, give yourself a pat in the back, you’ve gone a great job!

Celebrate all the little achievements of your day and share with us your ways of avoiding stay at home mom burnouts.



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