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15 Indian Street Food you must try

In every part of the world, several people are fond of street food. It is the same when you roam through the streets of India. In India, the flavours of each place has its uniqueness. You can explore different cuisines that have the touch of traditional recipes from the streets. The variants in recipes, the importance given to the spices, and many other features make the Indian street food loved by everyone.

Indian Street Foods you must try
"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."

You can never say no to these mouth-watering Indian street food, which are delicious in their way. Know more about the ingredients and the peculiarity in the preparation of food that you should try when you walk through the streets of India.

Try this street foods in India, too delicious to miss- India has a wide variety of delicious food in each part of the country that you will never regret trying out. If you are going to try street food in India, never forget to enjoy the dishes mentioned here.

1. Chole Bhatura

Indian Street Foods you must try
Chole Bhatura | Indian Street Food

This is a popular Indian street food that has gained popularity all over India and is preferred by many food lovers. It is mainly a part of Punjab street food but it's also available in other states. It is a combination of chickpea curry termed as Chole and the fried leavened bread called Bhatura.

If you are a lover of spicy food, make sure that you try this Indian street food as it will excite your taste buds. People have Chole Batura along with a glass of lassi that creates the perfect combination of delicacy.

2. Golgappa

Indian Street Foods you must try
Golgappa | Indian Street Food

Gol Gappe is one of the most common Indian street food seen across the country with different names, namely Paani Ke Patashe, Pani Puri, Puchka and so on . The preparation has slight variations depending on the state/ place but is a delicious dish loved by people of all ages.

Gol Gappe is prepared with either atta or sooji puris with fillings of chickpeas, mashed potatoes, spices, and the water that has a strong taste of different ingredients like mint or dried mango in some places. Add Gol Gappa to the food items you are going to try in India, it will surely satisfy your taste buds.

3. Pav Bhaji

Indian Street Foods you must try
Pav Bhaji | Indian Street Food

This spicy flavoured Indian street food will draw your attention when you look for the best street foods in India. Pav Bhaji is common street food in the state of Maharashtra, even prepared in some other parts of the country. This dish is a perfect combination of bread which means Pav and the spicy vegetable gravy that is the bhaji.

The deliciousness of Pav bhaji is increased with pouring a few drops of lime over vegetables along with the pav dipped in butter. Try this mouth-watering dish to explore the delicacy of street foods.

4. Aloo Tikki

Indian Street Foods you must try
Aloo Tikki | Indian Street Food

Aloo Tikki is a storehouse of several flavours. It is basically prepared as an Indian street food in the Northern States of India. The potato and patties are an important part of this dish, the stuffing is made different by people as some use green peas, chana dal, or the combination of both. You can't resist your hunger when you see Aloo Tikki with curd, green chutney, salt along with the pomegranate seeds combined.

5. Dal Vada

Indian Street Foods you must try
Dal Vada | Indian Street Food

The crispy, flavoured taste of dal vada will impress anyone. It is seen usually in the Southern part of India. This Indian street food snack is a combination of ingredients like urad, moong, chana dal, but also includes onion and some spices. Coconut chutney is served along with dal vada. Enjoy this snack with a cup of tea or coffee and you will fall in love with this Indian street food.

6. Jhal muri

Indian Street Foods you must try
Jhal Muri | Indian Street Food

This tasty Indian street food belongs to the popular delicacy of Kolkata. The name of the dish itself means jhal i.e. spicy and muri is the name for puffed rice. This is a vegan food item that includes onions, potatoes, spices, and herbs as ingredients. The taste is different due to the presence of mustard oil in it. You have to try this street food, as you will love it with Bengali variants in preparation.

7. Dahi Puri

Indian Street Foods you must try
Dahi Puri | Indian Street Food

To stimulate your taste buds, Dahi puri will be the best Indian street food you can try on the streets of Maharashtra. The main ingredients in this yummy snack are the vermicelli, yogurt, potatoes, and puris. When you plan to eat this spicy snack make sure that you have sweet chutney, green chutney, and red chutney near you. Adding the chutneys is the perfect way to savour the taste of Dahi puri.

8. Litti Chokha

Indian Street Foods you must try
Litti Chokha | Indian Street Food

When you roam through the streets of Bihar and Jharkhand, make sure that you eat Litti chokha. The traditional delicacy Litti, is made by stuffing the whole wheat dough balls, while the chokha is prepared from eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. Fill your plates with Litti chokha and a little curd to increase the happiness that you get from eating this dish.

9. Tunday Kebabi

Indian Street Foods you must try
Tunday Kebabi | Indian Street Food

If you are a non-vegetarian food lover, this dish is the perfect street food you can try in the streets of Lucknow. The main ingredients of this spicy Indian street food is minced buffalo meat, spices, herbs, yogurt, ghee, and onions. This is a dish that is worth trying when you are in the streets of India. It's taste will remain in your mind forever.

10. Kathi roll

Indian Street Foods you must try
Kathi Roll | Indian Street Food

This is one of the famous street food from the delicacy of Kolkata that is prepared in different parts of India. The preparation of this Indian street food item is done by filling veggies and grilled meat inside the paratha made of all purpose flour. It is a delicious, crispy street food that has the perfect combination of spices. It is the perfect dish to serve your hunger cravings.

11. Mirchi Ke Pakode

Indian Street Foods you must try
Mirchi Ke Pakode | Indian Street Food

You can see this Rajasthani street food in different parts of India. This dish is the favourite of several foodies. The besan batter is the crispy coating of this snack, while the fillings are made delicious with the green chillies slit open and boiled potatoes. This is a perfect street snack that can boost your taste buds. If you have some coriander chutney for serving this, it would be the best combination.

12. Akki Roti

Indian Street Foods you must try
Akki Roti | Indian Street Food

When you are on the streets of Karnataka, Akki roti is the perfect food that can fill your stomach and minds. The preparation of this tasty dish is from the rice flour. Onions, green chillies, carrots, and tomatoes are added to impart the perfect proportion of flavours. Try this unique dish along with coconut or tomato chutney. It is surely going to conquer your tastebuds.

13. Ghugni Chaat

Indian Street Foods you must try
Ghugni Chaat | Indian Street Food

If you love to munch on healthy snacks while you roam through the streets, Ghugni chaat is a good choice for your taste. This is a part of famous Bengali cuisine that has ingredients like peas, yellow daal, onions, and lime juice, which comes as a part of gravy. You can even try having Ghugni chat along with bread.

14. Egg Rolls

Indian Street Foods you must try
Egg Rolls | Indian Street Food

This is one of the famous Indian street food that you can enjoy from the streets of Kolkata. The outer covering is made with all purpose flour, and the fillings include onions, eggs, green chillies, spices, and lime to give this snack a perfect taste. Get this roll when you go through the Bengal streets, and savour each bite imparting the right proportion of ingredients.

15. Gulab Jamun

Indian street food
Gulab Jamun | Indian street food

Gulab Jamun is a sweet dish you can find in almost every Indian home. Gulab Jamun can be prepared by making balls of powdered milk and regular flour. These balls are then immersed in a sugar syrup and are being fried in oil to make them super soft with an appealing color.

No doubt, Gulab Jamun can be referred to as the Nation dessert of India. So, next time you see these soft, melting dessert while roaming on the Indian streets – do give them a try.

Final thoughts

The traditional touch of every part of India is depicted in the street food, with the perfect combination of herbs and spices. The same dish can be made with the variants of ingredients in different states, which gives you a special experience when you eat them to satisfy your taste buds.

Indian Street Foods you must try
"People who love to eat are always the best people."

If you are a foodie, when you are in India, never miss a chance to explore the delicacies created in the streets.


Indian street food
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