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5 Enticing Photo Frame Ideas for Wall Decoration

Photo frames act as a medium for us to reminisce our memories as well as it is an easy yet beautiful way to decorate and it also gives a very warm feeling to our home. There are various ideas as to how you could decorate your wall with photo frames and people are trying new styles to decorate their walls with photo frames.

Photo Frames for Wall Decoration
Photo Frames for Wall Decoration

Although these days almost everyone prefers clicking photos on their cell phone, photos hung in a photo frame on the walls of your house still remains the classic, most beautiful way of cherishing your memories. It is always in front of your eyes and doesn’t get lost in the gallery of your phone so you could always ponder over the times when the photo was clicked.

There are a lot of people who try to create a ‘timeline wall’ with the help of a series of photos encased in beautiful photo frames rather than making a photo album.

Here are a few reasons as to why photo frames are preferably a great go-to idea for decorating our homes.

Why Should You Buy Photo Frames for Wall Decorations

  • A photo frame is protective yet a very decorative way of encasing your pictures and making your wall look beautiful at the same time.

  • You can always buy photo frames according to the vibe or the theme of your house. For example, a wooden photo frame would give off a vintage vibe whereas a glass frame gives a more modern vibe.

  • You can always customize your photo frames to make them suit the ambience of your home. You can also make DIY photo frames for your wall decoration as it saves the expenses and you can make it look unique according to your preference.

  • You can choose the photo frames according to your preference.

  • Using photo frames to decorate your walls would enhance the beauty of your house and make it look more aesthetic.

Ideas on Decorating Your Wall With Photo Frames-

Listed below are some ideas that can be helpful for you to find a photo frame to decorate your wall with.

1. Staircase Wall photo frames

Photo Frames for Wall Decoration
Photo Frames on a Staircase Wall

You can buy photo frames to decorate your staircase walls by placing them in an ascending or descending order on the wall. This would fill up the wall near your staircase giving it a modern look.


  • Easy to clean with the help of a wet cloth.

  • Easy to fix.

  • It is designed in a way that it can be placed on any wall be it home or office.

  • It also makes a great gift so you can give it as a housewarming present or a birthday present.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the photo frame maybe a little fragile and hence could be breakable so it is suggested to handle it with care.

Here are examples of photo frames that you can use to decorate your staircase wall:

2. Photo frames for Timeline Photos

Photo Frames for Wall Decoration
Timeline Photos

Having a wall with timeline photos could be one of the best ways to cherish an event. You can buy similar looking frames and encase it with photos from where the event began to where it ended.

For example, pictures from a memorable trip or pictures of any of your family members from birth to present times can be set up in such frames. It could be hung anywhere be it a living room or a study room.


  • It would give your house a vintage look and it will also give your walls a very classy and neat look.

  • You can put them in a setting to make it look like a collage so it would fill most of your wall.

  • It is easily cleanable with the help of a wet cloth.

Here are examples of photo frames that you can use to make a timeline of an event:

3. Hanging Photos Frames With LEDs

Photo Frames for Decoration
Clip String Photo Frame with LED

Yellow LEDs attached to photo frames always make the walls look aesthetic. Having photo frames attached with yellow LEDs gives a very warm and cosy feeling to the room or the house.


  • Gives your wall a very fun and unique look.

  • Since it has clips you can change photos whenever you feel like.

  • You don’t have to worry about having a certain size of photos to fix as you can clip in any size of photos in it.

Such photo frames for wall decoration are preferred to be hung in a bedroom as it fills your bedroom wall and gives a very warm and funky vibe.

Here are examples of hanging photo frames with LED lights:

4. Bulk Photo Frames to fill up the walls

Photo Frames for Wall Decoration
Bulk Photo Frames

You can always fill up an empty wall with a set of bulk frames which could be similar looking or could differ in size.


  • The frames give your wall a very classy and elegant look.

  • It could go with any kind of house theme be it vintage or modern.

  • Easily cleanable and can easily be hung on the wall.

It is recommended to use light weight photo frames to fill up your house walls. A combination of black and white frames or any other coloured frame could be used to place them on different walls according to your preference.

Here are examples of bulk photo frames to fill up your house walls:

5. Family Tree Photo Frames

Photo Frames for Wall Decoration
Family Tree Photo Frames

This is one of the best ways to put up all of your family members’ photos on the wall and that too in a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing way.


  • It comes with several frames so you have the freedom to add photos you like.

  • It comes in wallpaper designs, hence you don’t have to worry about the cleaning it.

  • It is also very pocket-friendly and has a good quality too.

You can also put up LED lights on the Family Tree photo frame to make it look more beautiful, especially in the night.

Here are examples of family tree photo frames:

Lastly, you can customise photo frames to your preference or you can make one yourself to make it go with the theme you feel is right for your house. It can also bring out the artist in you and could be a way of passing time productively.

Having photo frames as your wall decoration can make your house look even more beautiful. What is your favourite photo frames for wall decorating idea among these?


Photo Frames for Wall Decoration


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