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10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples to spend quality time at home

The concept of ideal Valentine's day has evolved over the years. Valentine's day is no longer about spending on expensive gifts or luxury dinner and going for a movie and date night. It is about spending quality time with each other, doing something for and with each other, not about amount of money you spend. One of the best way to spend is to celebrate Valentine's day at home. With the pandemic situation, almost every occasion as such is meant to be celebrated at home. Now that Valentine’s day is knocking at the door, couples must be thinking, ‘How to celebrate valentine’s day at home?’ So here we have come up with warm, exciting, and cool ideas for making your valentine’s day special.

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!

If you have been planning about surprising your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend on valentine’s day, try out these ideas to amaze your partner on valentine’s day.

1. Plan a Romantic Morning:

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Plan a Romantic Morning

With a bit of planning, you can make the day special for your partner just by putting some effort into the morning. Prepare the most loved breakfast for your dear one, serve it with a rose and warm coffee. Some more breakfast ideas for your valentine’s day are as follows.

  • Bread with heart-shaped omelette

  • Pancakes with maple syrup

  • Brown bread with Nutella; you may draw a smiley or heart with Nutella easily

  • Waffles of your spouse’s choice

Sprinkle some awesome breakfast with alongside fresh blooming flowers. Waking up to find favourite breakfast and beautiful flowers at bed is the best surprise that you can give to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are someone who isn't good at cooking, you can also plan to order in your partner's favourite breakfast.

2. Tick the checkbox of the best food:

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Tick the checkbox of the Best Food

If you and your partner are food enthusiasts, this is the best way of spending your valentine’s day at home. Check out the recipes of delicious food from your favourite cuisine, decide the menu for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plan ahead of time so that you do not have to spend the whole day cooking.

Go for grocery shopping and prepare the vegetables by chopping them the previous night. Enjoy cooking together and spend your valentine’s day with delicious food while you listen to your favourite romantic numbers and have some quality time together.

3. Netflix and Chill

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Netflix and Chill

Most faces will have a grin while reading the title. Yes, these 3 words have been the most trending phrase when it comes to dating. What can be more comforting than cuddling up with your loved one on valentine’s day? Choose a list of web series, movies, and short films you have longed to watch with your partner. Do not forget to consider your partner’s favourite genre while choosing. It will be good to ensure what you watch on valentine's has a happy ending and leaves you with a feel good vibe.

Prepare some hot popcorn, get some coke, cuddle up on your sofa, watch movies back to back, or binge-watch web series on Netflix, Amazon, etc. Why not add some romance with some lesser-known romantic movies? Check out our top picks.

4. Themed party

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Throw a Themed Party

If your loved one enjoys partying, throw a party, a private one though. It may not be a great idea to invite a lot of friends, but why not arrange something special for your dear one? Probably just with real close friends you tend to have a good time with. Red and white are the most sought colours on Valentine’s day. Get some heart-shaped and round red and white balloons, red and white ribbons, and some chocolates for decorations. You may arrange a cake as well. Add a dash of dance music and some party lights to lighten up the mood.

If you want to add some more sparks to your party, you may arrange mugs or sashes quoting ‘World’s Best Husband/Wife/ Girlfriend/Boyfriend’. In our busy lives, we hardly make any effort to make our loved ones feel special. Arranging a themed party just for your partner will definitely make valentine’s day special for him/her, even if you spend the whole day within closed doors.

5. Online Live Concerts

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Online Live Concerts

As pandemic has almost eliminated our chances of attending live concerts, music lovers are definitely disheartened. With the emerging concept of online live concerts, music lovers have some hope for enjoying live shows from their favourite artists. Buy two tickets for yourself and your partner to spend a musical valentine’s day. Dress up and enjoy the music from your favourite musician without stepping out of your home.

If you both love watching standup comedy, you can check out the online comedy shows for your valentine’s day. What’s better than some music and hearty laughs to celebrate valentine’s day at home?

6. Gift a spa day

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Gift a Spa Day

While men hardly get time to pamper themselves, women love to be pampered anytime. Therefore, preparing a surprise spa day for your partner can never go wrong. From relaxing massages to enjoying music with face masks on is something that your partner will love to do on valentine’s day. You may further offer a pedicure and manicure for your wife or girlfriend.

7. Bonfire and booze

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Bonfire and Booze

When the chill sets in, a great way of celebrating anything is around a bonfire. Arrange a small bonfire in your lawn or backyard and set up two comfortable chairs to enjoy the bonfire. What can add more sparks to the setting? Booze! Select your partner’s favourite drink, be it a fancy red wine or a smooth scotch. If feasible, you could also do some barbeque.

Relax around the bonfire with some booze and music. Under the starry sky, take some fresh air and enjoy sharing some glorious moments of celebrating valentine’s day at home.

8. Spice it up with games

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Spice up your day with Games

If you have been bored of all the mushy valentine’s day ideas, why not try something different? Plan some games to spice up your evening. You may play the drinking games ‘Never have I ever’ or the good old ‘Truth or dare’. If you have been troubled with the choice of valentine’s day ideas, create cute love coupons, and let your partner use the coupons as per his/her choice.

You may also add video games, drinking roulette, or romantic scrabble or other board games into your list of games on your romantic date night. What about some role play?

9. Never miss a thoughtful gift

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Never miss an opportunity to give a Thoughtful Gift

What is valentine’s day without a perfect romantic gift? But indeed, just rose and chocolate won’t impress your spouse or partner anymore. Therefore, plan ahead of time about valentine’s day gift.

Always opt for something personal instead of just picking up ‘so-called romantic’ gifts. You may create or order memory scrapbooks, explosion boxes, or a gift that your partner must have longed for. Always choose a gift that would instantly connect with your partner. You may line up several gifts and hide them all-around your house. This can become a fun and memorable treasure hunt for your partner.

10. Down the memory lane

10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples at home!
Go down the Memory Lane

Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion for reliving the wonderful moments you have spent together. Pull out an old photo album or slideshow on your laptop, you will be amazed by the fun, laughter, and comments that come out when you are watching the photos or videos. Enjoy the past memories once more to relive the warmth and romance of the past.

The Bottom Line

In our humdrum lives, we often forget to appreciate our partners. Valentine’s day is the perfect day that calls for appreciation for love in your life. Try out these ideas for your valentine’s day this year and enjoy heartily with your dear one. Keep loving and celebrating love!