Best National Parks in Canada

Canada is a very vast and beautiful nation. There are so many beautiful sights to visit in Canada, but the one that stands out are the several National Parks in Canada. If you are someone who enjoys and appreciates nature, you will truly enjoy visiting the national parks of Canada.

Most visitors would visit the big cities in Canada but if you want to see the true natural beauty of Canada, then you should definitely visit these beautiful National Parks.

Best National Parks in Canada
National Parks in Canada

According to me, Canadian National Parks are a must-visit for travellers. Canada has around 328,000 km of land where the National Parks are located. There are around 48 National Parks in Canada some of which are extremely beautiful and are the most visited.

Here is a list of National Parks in Canada-

1. Banff National Park- Alberta

2. Glacier National Park- British Columbia

3. Yoho National Park- British Columbia

4. Waterton Lakes National Park- Alberta

5. Jasper National Park- Alberta

6. Elk Island National Park- Alberta

7. Mount Revelstoke National Park- British Columbia

8. Thousand Island National Park (St. Laurence Island National Park)- Ontario

9. Point Pelle National Park- Ontario

10. Kootenay National Park- British Columbia

11. Wood Buffalo National Park- Alberta and Northwest Territories

12. Prince Albert National Park- Saskatchewan

13. Riding Mountain National Park- Manitoba

14. Georgian Bay National Park- Ontario

15. Cape Breton Highlands National Park- Nova Scotia

16. Prince Edward Island National Park- Prince Edward Island

17. Fundy National Park- Brunswick

18. Terra Nova National Park- Newfoundland and Labrador

19. La Mauricie National Park- Quebec

20. Gros Morne National Park- Newfoundland and Labrador

21. Kejimkujik National Park- Nova Scotia

22. Forillon National Park – Qubec

23. Kluane National Park Reserve- Yukon

24. Nahanni National Park Reserve- Northwest Territories

25. Pukaskwa National Park- Ontario

26. Kouchibouguac National Park- New Brunswick

27. Auyuittuk National Park- Nunavut

28. Grassland National Park- Saskatchewan

29. Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve- Quebec

30. Ivvavik National Park- Yukon

31. Quttinirpaaq National Park- Nunavut

32. Bruce Peninsula National Park- Ontario

33. Aulavik National Park- Northwest Territories

34. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Hida Heritage Sight- British Columbia

35. Vuntut National Park- Yukon

36. Wapusk National Park- Manitoba

37. Tuktut Nogait National Park- Northwest Territories

38. Sirmilik National Park- Nunawut

39. Pacific Rim National Park- British Columbia

40. Ukkusiksalik National Park- Nunawut

41. Torngat Mountains National Park- Newfoundland and Labrador

42. Gulf Island National Park Reserve- British Columbia

43. Sable Island National Park Reserve of Canada- Nova Scotia

44. Naats’isch’oh National Park Reserve- Northwest Territories

45. Qausuittuq National Park- Nunawut

46. Akamiuapishkkakkasuakmealy Mountains National Park Reserve- Newfoundland and Labrador

47. Rouge National Urban Park- Ontario

48. Thaidenenene National Park Reserve- Northwest Territories.

10 Most Visited and Beautiful National Parks in Canada-

Here is the list of 10 most visited National Parks in Canada-

1. Banff National Park-

Banff National Park is one of the most visited national Park of Canada. It is located in Alberta and can be a perfect place to start your Canada tour. The ideal time to visit Banff National Park would be the summer season, in the months between June to August or December to March. During this time, the weather is warm and hotel rates are pocket-friendly.

Best National Parks in Canada
Banff National Park

Some of the highlights of Banff National Park are, Bow Falls, the majestic falls that should not be missed. Whyte Museum, Banff Upper Hot springs, Johnston Canyon, Lake Minnewaska, Banff Gondola, Peyto Lake, Sunshine Meadows, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are the other popular highlights of the Banff National Park.

2. Jasper National Park-

Jasper National Park, also located in Alberta, is one of the best options for those who like adventure sports. It is also a great camping site for the adventurous souls.

Best National Parks in Canada
Jasper National Park

The ideal time to visit Jasper National Park is when it gets a little chilly, mostly in the months of March-May or September as the crowd is less and you can enjoy the sights more. Jasper National Park offers adventure sports activities like rock climbing and mountain hiking. It also offers a variety of scenic beauty including mountains, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls.

3. Nahanni National Park-

Nahanni National Park is located in the Northwest Territories in Canada. This is a location where visitors can reach through floatplane; making it another great place for outdoor enthusiasts. This is also a very beautiful National Park that you can add in your list of places to visit.

Best National Parks in Canada
Nahanni National Park

The ideal time to visit Nahanni National Park is in between the months of June to August as the weather gets risky towards the end of August. The main highlights of this National Park are Virginia Falls, Lotus Flower Tower, Broken Skull River. The river also offers activities like river rafting. Mountain climbing and hiking are other adventure activities that could be enjoyed in the national park.

4. Pacific Rim National Park-

Pacific Rim National Park is situated in British Columbia and is divided into three sections named as Long Beach, Broken Group and West Coast Trail. This National Park also offers adventure sports activities.

Best National Parks in Canada
Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park can be visited all year round but the summer season is considered the best season for hiking. For other places, you could visit the national park in the winter season. Long Beach Island has a beach spot and offers activities like surfing. Broken Group is a small group of islands and offers water sports activities. The West Coast Trail is a hiking trail which is near the Pacific Ocean and stretches for miles; which ideally can be enjoyed by hiking enthusiasts.

5. Waterton Lakes National Park-

Waterton Lakes National Park is located on the border of the USA and Canada. Waterton Lakes in the Canadian half and the US Glacier National Park in the other half are combinedly called as the Waterton Glacier National Park.