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Nestasia: Making Your Home Special – A Review

Making a home special is a difficult job and no matter how much the enthusiasm, people always struggle in this endeavor. Complexities range from finding the right designs and styles that suit your taste to getting that design across range of products that keeps the decor consistent. Nestasia solves these problems with their beautiful contempory designs, wide variety of options and range of products for every need and corner of the house. In this article we introduce you to Nestasia brand and review some of their products that we used.

Nestasia products review
Go to Nestasia to explore products that make your home special

Nestasia : One stop shop for all sustainable, contemporary home decor

We stumbled upon Nestasia looking for unique and contemporary items for our home. We were delighted by what we saw on their website. Nestasia houses product range from kitchen and dining, to bath and soft furnishings, to stationery, bags, gifts, decor and more. In each of these categories they have a range of products that serves different purpose with variety of designs. The most difficult part for us while shopping on Nestasia was to shortlist what we wanted to buy.

Nestasia's website
Head to Nestasia's website

Most Nestasia products have a rich feel to it. They clearly stand out in designs - Shapes, colors and feel. True to their mantra, their products are high on quality, utility and beauty. As they keep revising their product line, they stay relevant with current trends. What we truly loved was the global feel of their designs. Nestasia's collection seems to draw inspiration from variety of cultures and hence speaks to variety of audience.

As we embarked on this journey to explore Nestasia's collection, we zeroed down on a cute pink Ceramic Dish with Handle, a Quirky Printed Bowl, a Heart Bowl, and Stainless Steel Straws that would replace some of our plastic sets and help us be eco-friendly.

Pink Ceramic Dish With Handle

The Pink Ceramic Dish with handle from Nestasia enchanted us. Handcrafted by a local potter, it exudes an earthy charm that's hard to resist. Its delicate design and vibrant hue make it a perfect addition to any table setting. As we discovered, the dish is microwave and dishwasher-safe, which adds to its functionality.

Pink ceramic dish with handle from Nestasia
Pink ceramic dish with handle from Nestasia

As we delved into the details of this ceramic marvel, we were drawn to its elegant design and the delicate pink hue that adorns its surface. Its undeniable aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect addition to any home decor setting. Whether you use it as a serving dish for your favorite dishes or as a decorative piece, it effortlessly infuses a touch of artistry into your living space.

Intriguingly, the Pink Ceramic Dish with Handle is a visual delight and a practical choice for your kitchen. Its microwave and dishwasher-safe nature adds to its functionality, making it a versatile piece that can be effortlessly integrated into your daily life. Every curve, stroke, and glaze shows the attention to detail and passion for creating this dish.

Quirky Printed Bowl

The Quirky Printed Bowl is a testament to the playfulness of craftsmanship. This vibrant bowl, found on Nestasia, is a conversation starter. Its distinctive design and sturdy build make it ideal for daily and special occasions. The blend of traditional art with a contemporary twist is genuinely remarkable.

Quirky printed bowl set from Nestasia
Quirky printed bowl set from Nestasia

It draws inspiration from India's rich cultural heritage. The bowl features quirky and colorful prints that showcase the country's diverse art forms. It is a visual treat that combines traditional motifs and modern sensibilities. It is also a versatile addition to any dining or home decor setting.

We couldn't help but admire the attention to detail in this quircky printed bowl. The fine craftsmanship is evident in the prints' precision and the ceramic's quality. It's microwave and dishwasher-safe, adding to its practicality for everyday use.

Heart Bowl Set

The Heart Bowl Set of 2 is a charming addition to Nestasia's collection. These heart-shaped bowls stole our hearts with their intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship. They are perfect for serving desserts or snacks and make an endearing gift option. Knowing that skilled artisans handcraft these adds an extra layer of appreciation.

Heart bowl set from Nestasia
Heart bowl set from Nestasia

The heart-shaped bowls are not merely functional items; they are pieces of art that add a touch of love and warmth to your table setting. They are a visual delight, extremely cute and an instant conversation starter.

The versatility of these bowls is also worth noting. They are ideal for serving snacks, desserts, or decorative pieces. The set of two allows you to share the love with a special someone, making it a thoughtful gift option for any occasion.

Stainless Steel Straws

As we explored Nestasia's diverse offerings, the Stainless Steel Straw Set of 2 caught our attention. In an era where sustainable choices matter, these straws shine brightly. Crafted from stainless steel, they are not only eco-friendly but also durable. The set has a stylish cloth pouch, making it easy to carry them anywhere.

These stainless steel straws are more than just a replacement for disposable plastic; they symbolize conscious consumer choices. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they are durable and rust-resistant, ensuring they stand the test of time. This longevity saves money in the long run and minimizes the environmental footprint associated with disposable straws.

Stainless Steel straws from Nestasia
Stainless Steel straws from Nestasia

What caught our attention was the thoughtfulness behind this set. It has a stylish cloth pouch allows you to easily carry these straws, making them a convenient choice for on-the-go sustainability. The choice of stainless steel as the material for these straws ensures their longevity and makes them safe for use. They are free from harmful chemicals often found in plastic products, offering peace of mind to health-conscious consumers.

In conclusion, the Stainless Steel Straw Set of 2 is more than just a utensil; it's a choice that reflects our responsibility towards the environment. Incorporating these straws into your daily life reduces plastic waste and supports a sustainable future. Nestasia 's curation of such eco-friendly products is a reminder that small choices can significantly impact the planet. Explore Nestasia 's offerings, and you'll discover more eco-conscious treasures that align with your values and contribute to a greener world.


Our journey into Nestasia's world of indigenous products has been delightful, and we've barely scratched the surface. The website boasts a treasure trove of items that cater to several requirements. Whether you're looking for exquisite home decor, traditional textiles, or unique lifestyle products, Nestasia has it all.

We wholeheartedly recommend Nestasia to our readers, not just for the products but for the support it extends to our talented artisans. So, take a moment to explore this vibrant platform, and you might find a piece of artistry that resonates with you.


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