Best Christmas Movies to watch with your family

Christmas time is always special, you have a good vacation you wait for. It is the perfect time to watch good movies, there are always some specials you should must-watch during holidays. Now you have various online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar to watch the movies you look at any time without the cable channel issues while you are at home. Sit at the comfiness of your place, enjoy the best movies this Christmas.

Top 20 Christmas movies for you to Watch

1. A Christmas Prince

This movie directed By Alex Zamm is a perfect choice for you to watch this Christmas. It is a movie filled with the vibes of Christmas, also you can find some twist and turn in the story in between. A reporter goes undercover entering the prince's life as a tutor but later finds her love in him. Will she be able to manage the situation by hiding her truth? Watch the movie to know.

2. White Reindeer

The movie directed by Zach Clerk is showing a woman's life who is facing unexpected tragedy in her life during Christmas time. Suzanne struggles to get back into her normal state after the sudden death of her husband's death. While leading a saddened life in suburban Virginia she gets to know that her husband was having an affair with a stripper. But things take a change when she finds an unlikely friend in that stripper, through which path will this friendship take her? See this movie to know what happened in Suzanne's life after that.

3. Office Christmas Party

The directors of the movie, Josh Gordon and Will Speck are filling the effect of Christmas showing the working relationship between two siblings. Being threatened by his CEO sister that his branch will be shut down, the brother who is a branch manager throws a Christmas party to get the big client. But the party doesn't get in the right way as they planned, what happened which even kept their company at stake? Enjoy this movie this Christmas to know the rest of the plot.

4. Happy Christmas

The festive season of Christmas is portrayed differently by Joe Swanberg through this movie. The main character of the film is Jenny who is moving with writer Kelly, her husband, and child after she had a breakup. Even though it was a rough start it created changes in her life, eager to know what happened next? Watch the movie this Christmas with your family.

5. A Christmas Story

This is the perfect movie to see during this vacation directed by Bob Clark. Ralphie is a young boy who wants a Red Ryder BB gun as a Christmas gift, so he is trying to convince his parents, teacher, and Santa. Make sure that you watch this movie during this Christmas vacation.

6. Home Alone

The director Chris Columbus brings the story of an eight-year-old kid, who is an actual troublemaker. Everything turns upside down in his life when his family accidentally leaves him alone at home during the Christmas vacation. He is forced to protect his house from the pair of burglars, will he succeed in his task? Watch the Christmas movie to know what happened next.

7. Jingle All the Way

Through this movie, the director Brian Levant depicts a father who is trying to keep his promise to his son. He is tired of letting his son down without fulfilling the promises in his busy schedule. He is competing with others to get the Turbo Man action figure he promised his son for Christmas. Want to know whether he fulfilled his promise, see this movie during your vacation.

8. Jack Frost

Troy Miller has given a heartwarming Christmas movie for the people to enjoy during the vacation. A father named jack Frost dies in a car accident on Christmas day with unfulfilled promises to his son after living a bitter life. After a year, the son brings his father back as a snowman by playing his father's old harmonica. Will he be able to set everything right before he disappears forever? Check this movie to know the other interesting parts of this story.

9. Miracle on 34th Street

Les Mayfield through this fantasy movie shows a curious six-year-old Susan Walker who is skeptical of the myth surrounding Santa Claus at Christmas. A man named Kris Kringle is selected by Dorey (Susan's mother) to pose with the kids like Santa, but he claims that he is the actual Santa Claus. Know more about this movie, perfect for this Christmas vacation.

10. Last Holiday

In this movie director, Wayne Wang shows the life of a person changing because of one faulty diagnosis. Knowing that she is terminally ill, she sells all her possessions and set for a World tour, also to meet her culinary inspiration. What will she do, after knowing that she is not sick after spending all her money? Excited to know more, watch this movie this Christmas time.

11. One Magic Christmas

The importance of Christmas other than the physical things of this world is shown in this film by Philip Borsos. An angel looking over the struggles of people's lives shows the true meaning of Christmas to a mother. It is shown that Christmas is not short of gifts and materialistic things, but the people she cares about are more important. Don't miss the chance to watch this movie, you will surely enjoy this time.

12. Just Friends

The main characters of this movie are Jamie and Chris who are old high school friends. She rejects his proposal as she wants to remain only as friends but this turned him into a womanizer. He meets Jamie ten years later while visiting his hometown during Christmas, he tries to win her love. Will he get her love this time? Go watch this Roger Kumble's movie to know further about the story.

13. Prancer

John D. Hancock shows through this movie the purity in the minds of children which most of the time elders don't understand. Jessica Riggs is a farm girl who finds a hurt reindeer in the forest. She starts nursing the wounds believing that it belongs to Santa and hopes that health can be retained during Christmas. Her father couldn't understand her actions, Will her belief become real? Watch this movie during the holidays, perfect for Christmas time.

14. Deck the Halls

John Whitesell through this movie shows the competitive neighbors decorating their houses for Christmas. They are looking who can extend their decorations, things go out of expectations, want to know about them? See this movie this Christmas with your family.

15. Silent Night, Deadly Night

Charles E. Selier Jr.'s this movie is perfect for the people who love psychothriller movies. A small kid Billy witnesses his parents being killed by Santa, his grandpa has warned before about naughty people will be killed by Santa. Billy after coming out of the orphanage becomes Santa himself. Watch this movie if you have an interest in psychothrillers, this will be for your choice.

16. Elf

An orphan who was raised by Santa and his elves decides to find his biological father after realizing that he is a human. He travels from the North pole to New York City in search of his father, will he find his father? Watch this movie by Jon Favreau to know what happens to him in the journey.

17. Scrooged

The thoughtless and arrogant Television executive is planning to stage a live production of A Christmas Carol. He gets haunted by the three spirits that bear the lessons on Christmas eve, what will happen to him now? Excited to know more about this Richard Donner's movie, grab your pillow and enjoy them at home this Christmas.

18. The Christmas Chronicles

Clay Katis shows the viewers the story of kids named Kate and Teddy who are trying to catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. But this takes an unexpected turn after the kids join Santa and his elves. What are they going to experience in this unexpected journey? Watch this Christmas movie to know about the after story, it will be the best experience.

19. The Night Before

Ethan, Isaac, and Chris who are friends for 10years, have decided on a gathering on Christmas Eve for enjoying the holidays. Isaac is preparing to be a first-time father, so the friends decide to make this gathering memorable as they can't follow this annual tradition like this anymore. How will their Christmas vacation end this time? Watch this movie by Jonathan Levine to make this Christmas fun.

20. The Man Who Invented Christmas

Bharat Nalluri tries to bring the changes that made the festivity of Christmas more colorful. Charles Dickens gets into financial problems when his three novels fail, so he tries to get real-life inspiration. He brings into life through creativity Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and other classic characters through "A Christmas Carol" which made the holiday a famous celebration. Don't miss this movie this Christmas, watch it with your family.


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