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Diwali is the most popular festival of light. It does not just symbolize the victory of good over evil, it is also associated with coming together and increasing the bonding. Something that is a great opportunity for leaders and management to tap. Diwali can be used to let go past differences and increase team bonding at office. While office celebrations could include number of activities, one important must do is decorating the office for Diwali.

It requires ideas with engagement and co-operation of employees. Decorating the office or work place on the occasion of Diwali brings a positive impact on every person involved in the decoration, or even the ones just visualizing. It could also be a great team bonding activity that would require creativity, distribution of work and some fun.

Here is a list of Diwali decoration ideas for your office

This article will give you a list of Diwali decoration ideas for office. You can make use of each one of them to add additional elegance and vitality in your decorations.

1. Decorating the place of worship in your office

Decorate the place of worship in your office

The occasion of Diwali is incomplete without welcoming Lord Ganesh and Mother Lakshmi. While Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, Lord Ganesh represents wisdom. The place of worship in the office needs to be decorated properly with colourful lights, diyas, flower garlands and items made from colourful papers. But the most important thing here is the idol. Getting a beautiful idol can set the mood of the day. You can checkout below idols for worship that would fit in your office space and would look beautiful.

2. Rangoli Or Colour Jhoti Decoration for office

Rangoli Or Colour Jhoti Decoration for office

It is one of the best Diwali decoration ideas for the office. Giving a touch to creative rangoli or colourful jhoti at the entrance is the best way to offer your gesture. To brighten your office premises, you can use different colours and patterns with an additional artistic touch.

Vibrant Rangoli powders can be collected from offline stores as well as online. You can also get rangoli tool kits that would make creating rangolis easy and fun for everyone in office.

3. Decorating your office with Colourful Papers and Flowers

Decorating your office with Colourful Papers and Flowers

Most Indian festivals make great use of torans, made up of colourful papers or flowers. You can either purchase them from the market (offline/online) or, make one on your own. To instigate festive vibes, you can use paper or flower torans on walls and even, at the entrance gate. It is one of the most popular and affordable Diwali decoration ideas for office. At any rate, they make great Diwali decoration items.

You can also get DIY kits or craft kits, form teams in your office and have them prepare some creative decorative stuff for Diwali. It will not only give you lots of things that can be used for decorating office during Diwali, but will also be a fun event for people in office.

4. Decoration using Colourful Candles, Diyas And Lamps

Decoration Using Colourful Candles, Diyas And Lamps

As Diwali is the festival of light, decorating your office premises using colourful candles, lamps and diyas mean a lot. Decorative and colourful lamps can be arranged in a creative manner to have a festive look. The creative light arrangement has been the recent trend in Diwali decoration ideas for office. Garlands of colourful lights can be hung on walls, both in the inside as well as outside.

5. Flower Jhoti Decoration

Flower Jhoti Decoration

Take it for granted, as far as natural ingredients are used for decoration, it is one of the popular Diwali decoration ideas for office. Most common flowers used to make a flower rangoli are petals of rose and marigold. It is an undeniable fact that it is possible to make beautiful rangoli using flowers, and without the use of colours.

To make it even more attractive, you can arrange artistic diyas and candles alongside the flower rangoli. Floors of the office reception counter, office rooms and verandah are great fans of flower rangoli. This idea isn't much budget-friendly and is time-consuming as well, its beauty is worth all the sweat.

6. Decoration with Floating Candles

Decoration With Floating Candles

When it comes to creative Diwali decoration ideas for office, floating candles have a separate but gigantic fanbase. To materialize this, take some bowls of water and start putting beautiful floating candles on the surface. In order to make it more attractive, you can also put flower petals and glitters along with floating candles. This approach is indeed a step ahead of the regular and traditional method of decorating.

Floating candles have always been counted among essential Diwali decoration. Check out these options on Amazon below -

7. Decorating office cubicles and lobbies for Diwali

Decorating office cubicles and lobbies during Diwali

Cubicle decoration in the workplace is definitely a fascinating idea. It is one of those Diwali decoration ideas for office, that is quite essential. For this purpose, you can hang plenty of balloons, fairy lights and streamers to give a festive look on the occasion of Diwali. Diwali decoration ideas for office cubicle are incomplete without your dedication.

8. Decoration with Colour Bottle Lights

Decoration With Colour Bottle Lights

Diwali decoration ideas for office are never complete without colour bottle lights. It is an economical, modern and innovative idea to give a festive look to your Diwali decoration. To materialise this, just pick some colour bottles, clean them properly and put a bunch of string lights inside them.

Now, switch on the power source and watch and effect that's magical as well as amazing in itself. In the category of Diwali decoration for office, colour bottle lights have always been welcomed. Have a look at this link that introduces you to sustainable string lights.

9. Decorating office gardens with Lights

Decorating office gardens with lights

Decoration of lights on plants and trees is counted among a handful of fabulous Diwali decoration ideas for office. This idea is not limited to Christmas only. In Diwali, you can wrap garlands of string lights around plants in the office.

To make the entrance more attractive and welcoming, this idea is a perfect one. Further, if you are fortunate enough to have a garden in the office premises, you can also decorate the trees and plants in it with fairy colourful lights. There are also solar lights available which can be placed at different points in garden and would automatically light up at night.

10. Decoration Of Reception Area

Decoration Of Reception Area

The reception area is very often, called the mouth of the office. It is essential to enhance the decoration in your reception area. You can use fairy lights, floating candles, colourful lanterns and bells with windchimes inside the room. There are plenty of options available in the category of Diwali decoration ideas for office reception. You can use various options already listed above but what you can use additionally is some stickers that can add an extra tinge of Diwali mood to your office as people enter it.

11. Decorative Gift Packages

Decorative Gift Packages

The Diwali festival doesn't have its final flavour unless decorative gift packages are brought under the limelight. These packages can include boxes of dry fruits, delicious sweets and chocolates. Take it for granted, decorative gift packages steal the show and are an essential part of Diwali decoration ideas for office. Instead of using traditional wrapping papers, it is better to use beautiful, trendy and attractive materials.

It is important to remember here that most of the materials used for decoration purposes can be responsible for significantly polluting the environment. Celebrating this festival of lights in an eco-friendly way can make a big difference. This approach can help save the environment in a greater manner.

a. Earthen Diyas Make Great Decorative Items

They are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. Moreover, electricity consumption can also be reduced for a day using them.

b. Rangoli Can Be Made With Flower Petals And Natural Colours

You can use organic colours or colourful ingredients available at home like the turmeric to make rangoli in the office.

c. Diwali Entrance Torans With Leaves

One can go for mango and coconut leaves with marigold flowers to make eco-friendly torans. It is necessary to remember here that marigold flowers with mango leaves are considered to be pious.

d. Use Of Colourful Lantern Made Up Of Craft Paper

Decorative designs of the lantern and other similar pieces of stuff, made from craft paper and colourful card sheets are eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts:

One can celebrate the occasion of Diwali in any manner one wishes to. But, celebrating this occasion in an economical and eco-friendly way can bring a significant difference to the individual as well as the environment, in a positive way.


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