DIY Decorations For Christmas

Each festive season brings with it the joy of togetherness and happiness. Christmas also brings the same spirit in people; they get more excited thinking about their vacation time. People tend to spend a lot of money on the decorations and other things to make the occasion colourful. But, this festive period is the time to bring out creative skills by decorating one's own place. You can decorate your home, classroom, or office with these DIY decoration ideas for Christmas.

DIY Ideas for Christmas Celebration

You will be familiar with the readymade items available in the market which can be hung on the Christmas tree or walls for beautifying the celebration. However, the fun of making something from scratch is unmatched!

How about making the situation more exciting and fun?

This Christmas, let's create the décor with our hands. It is often fun to work together. Also, you can save the money spent in the shop for Christmas décor buying for other purposes. So how about giving a try to do artwork with a few easy steps? It will give you more enjoyment and satisfaction. Here are some of the Christmas decoration ideas you can try at any place:

1. Felt Garland

Felt Garland

Your Christmas tree should always be colourful. You can add to its beauty with DIY rainbow felts. This can be made easily with materials available at affordable rates. What you need mainly for this decoration idea is the coloured felt balls and a twine/ string. The length of the felt can be customized as per requirements. Simply thread a needle and string up your felt balls. Make sure you make a little loop at the end so you can hang the felt ball garland when the project finished.

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2. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

This is an easy decoration art that even kids can make. They will surely be interested in it. Popsicle sticks (coloured or plain ones), glitter dust, stickers, pom-poms or foam balls, twine, fabric snowflakes, and glue are the components you need to make this beautiful product for decoration. For the preparation, first you need to colour the popsicle if you have got the plain one, and then stick them together to create the snowflake shape. Add the twine to the final product for hanging. Decorate the snowflake ornament with the other items. It will surely be the best thing added to the Christmas decorations at your place.

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3. Gold Dipped Bottle Brush Tree

Gold Dipped Bottle Brush

How about making something attractive décor with the gold hue? The elements you need to make this wonderful decoration item are white bottle brush trees, colour, spray bottle, gold glitter nail polish, liquid gold leaf, paintbrush, and tape. The first step is to dye the trees, with gold colour. You have to brush the tips of tree bristles after dipping the brush into a liquid gold leaf. Now use the gold glitter nail polish at the tips to add more beauty to the item, this will be the perfect decoration item you can try on this Christmas.

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4. Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath

It is exciting when you find things that you can make on your own. This ornament wreath is one such decoration for Christmas. You will need to buy a wreath frame, hot glue gun, tinsel garland, and the ornaments you want to add to this product. The primary task for you is to wrap the wreath frame with the tinsel, which is easier. Then glue the ornaments like bulbs, jingle bells, or any other available decorative things to the frame. This is not a difficult process to make but you will love it if you make this wreath yourself for the occasion.

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5. Floral tree wrap

Floral tree wrap

If you love to try new things for your Christmas decorations other than going traditionally, this is the best idea for you. The tree kept inside your home for Christmas can be decorated with different varieties of silk flowers available in the market. It won't get destroyed so it can be reused again, which saves so much of your money. The only thing you have to do in this decoration is to wrap the flowers around the tree perfectly so that it won't fall out from the tree.

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6. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

It is super fun to create the Christmas tree using plastic spoons; give it a try as it is easier than you think. The things you need to make this are paper mache Christmas tree form, plastic spoons, hot glue, and spray paint. Break the heads of the spoons, and use the colours to paint them. Allow them to dry perfectly to avoid messing up the colour.

When it is dried completely, you can glue them on the paper mache form with the help of hot glue. You can start sticking it from the bottom portion and complete it by creating different layers that are easy. This is a perfect idea to make your place colourful during this Christmas.

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7. Marbled Ornaments

Marbled Ornaments

This Christmas, you will enjoy this making marbled ornaments for sure. Get enamel paint for starting your decoration work. A little water is to be swirled on the ornaments, the next task is pouring enamel paint on it. For marbling the paint, the best way is to tap the ornament against your hand, the opening must be held close with a paper towel and your finger.

When the inner side of the ornament is coated completely, you can keep them for drying for more than a day by opening facing upside. You can turn the ornament in different angles before drying to avoid the paint from settling at a single area. Creativity works here!

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8. Pine Scented Candles

Pine Scented Candles

Candles have a significant place in Christmas celebrations. You can make them yourself this time. You need to get prepared with weck jars, soy wax chips, green wax dye, pine-scented candle oil, candle wicks, heatproof bowls with pouring spout, and pot for melting for starting your task. You will have to take at least ten cups of soy wax chips in a large pot and wait till it melts.

The handling of hot wax should be done carefully. You can add drops of pine-scented oil when the wax is melted. Then you will have to divide the melted wax into heatproof bowls with pouring spouts. Now add dye if available to get coloured appearance. The wick should be placed at the bottom of the candle jar at the exact place till the wax cools. You can put the layers of wax as you wish, you can pour till it reaches the top. The unwanted wick can be removed by cutting, this makes your perfect candle for Christmas.

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The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Wrapping up the Thoughts

Christmas is the occasion to celebrate and enjoy with your dear ones. Decorations at your home can be made special with your hands. Also, togetherness is enhanced by involving others in your work. Make this Christmas special and memorable with your little efforts to decorate your place creatively.


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