Gifting Ideas to Buy this Diwali on Amazon

As the occasion of Diwali is approaching we are all searching for gifts to give to our loved ones or our employees. Since going out to buy gifts can be a little risky in this pandemic, you can always rely on online shopping sites to buy good quality items as presents; Amazon being one of the preferable sites as it provides different categories and subcategories to find perfect presents for everyone.

Diwali Celebration

Ideas to Buy Presents for Everyone

Here are some presents that you can give to different people on the occasion of Diwali.


This Diwali find gifts for the men in your family which will turn out to be useful for them and make them happy too.

Diwali Gifts for Men

1. Wallets:

A wallet is a symbol of wealth and success. Hence, it is a perfect gift item to present to your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend this Diwali. Men's wallets are available in a variety of colours and materials. Choose one that is ideal to your father's/ husband's/ boyfriend's choice and make him happy this Diwali. You can even get the wallet customized with their name or initials written over it. It is also preferred that you buy such Diwali gift on Amazon as it is a trusted site to buy gift items from.

Wallets for men

2. Perfumes:

A perfume is a very intimate and thoughtful gift to present to the men in your family. Perfumes make great gift items for Diwali. They are something men don't usually buy for themselves. Choosing a particular fragrance takes time and some research. Online merchandise website like Amazon has several filters that you to use to select a perfume that your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend will surely like.

Perfumes for Men

3. Shirts:

Shirts make a perfect Diwali gift for men. It would instantly put a smile on their face. You could either buy shirt pieces if you aren't sure about your father's/ husband's/ brother's/ boyfriend's shirt size or decide to gift them a ready-made shirt. Based on their choice and their wardrobe collection, you could decide if you want to gift them a formal shirt for office-wear or a casual one for holiday wear.

Shirts for men

4. Watches

Wrist watches can never be out of fashion. It is a perfect gift idea for Diwali to present to your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend. Based on popularity, watches are a perfect gift for Diwali on Amazon. They are available in variety of styles and prices on Amazon. You can also opt to gift your parents a couple watch set.

Watches for Men

5. Pens

Pens are one of the most unique gift idea to present men this Diwali. You can buy them a beautiful as well as a professional-looking pen, or could even gift them a personalized pen with his name engraved on it. It is available as a Diwali gift item on Amazon. You can choose gift pens from a large variety of pens like fountain pen, roller ball pen, ink pen, etc.

Pens for Men

6. Belts

Men always like to dress smart. Belt is a good Diwali gift for husband/ boyfriend. You can gift a high-quality belt that fits their style. There a a lot of belt gifting options available as Diwali gifts on Amazon. You could select one based on their choice of colour, material or type. You can buy a bunch of different styles for them to wear on different occasions.

7. Suits

A suit is an ideal Diwali gift for men. You can buy suits for your father/ husband/ brother to wear at work parties or work in general. You can either get the ready-made suits or the cloth pieces for them to be tailored stitched. Seeing the men in your family dress up smart will ultimately give you immense happiness. Suits of various fits, colours, styles and sizes are available as Diwali gift on Amazon. Add cufflinks and a necktie along with the suit to make a complete gift package.

Suits for Men

8. Credit/Debit cardholders

A credit/debit cardholder is a unique gift idea to present this Diwali. It can be a very useful gift for your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend. A card holder helps keep their cards protected and as well as organized. Having a credit/ debit cardholder is always better than having a messy wallet. Cardholders come in a variety of formats - there are even RFID-blocking card holders for extreme protection and safety available on Amazon as a Diwali gift item.

Credit/ Debit Cardholder for Men

9. Books:

If the men in your family have a hobby of reading then books make the best Diwali gift ideas for them. You can gift them a thoughtful book to add to their library. You can also gift your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend a daily journal or a diary, as a set with different books to read. Buy their favourite genres online on the Amazon bookstore. If they posses a Kindle, you could also opt to buy a Kindle version book to go paper free.

Books for Men

10. Laptop Bags

This Diwali, you can gift your father/ husband/ brother/ boyfriend a very classy and professional laptop bag for them to take it to work. Laptop bags come in a variety of patterns like a shoulder bag, cross-body bag, trolley bags, etc. Choose a laptop bag with multiple pockets and space for storing charger, a few documents and some stationary. Such laptop bags are available on Amazon as a Diwali gift item.

Laptop Bags for Men

FOR WOMEN (Mother/ Wife/ Sister/ Girlfriend)

Diwali Gifts for Mothers

1. Perfumes

Like men, perfumes make a great Diwali gift for women too. Women generally are fond of natural and ever-lasting fragrances, so while deciding to buy her a perfume keep this in mind. Tell your mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend that she's special by gifting her a perfume this Diwali. All sorts of perfumes and fragrances are listed on Amazon from where you could buy them online.

Perfumes for Women

2. Watches

Women love receiving wrist-watches as gifts. Especially ones studded with diamonds or the delicate ones with chains. You can buy a beautiful watch and a bracelet as a set for your mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend as a Diwali gift. There are a range of wrist-watch options available as a Diwali gift on Amazon. They come in variety of dial shapes, belt built-quality and dial colours. If you're confused which one to buy, Fossil, Titan and FastTrack wrist-watches are always a safe and sure-shot option.

Watches for Women

3. Jewellery

There's a vast range of jewellery options for women on online website Amazon. You could buy earrings, bracelets, nose rings, rings, anklets and what not! And all of these are available in imitation, gold plating, silver plating along with stone work like diamonds and gems. If you have got too less time to plan and think of a Diwali gift for your mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend, then gifting jewellery is a savage. You can buy a beautiful set of earrings and a pendant for your mother so that she looks even more pretty this Diwali! You can also buy your wife a set of bangles so that she can pair it up with her saree on the day of Diwali.

Jewellery for women

4. Saree

Want to see your mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend dressed in Indian traditional clothes this Diwali? Well, gift them a saree. Women love to dress up and what better gift than a traditional attire. Also, as per Indian tradition, people wear new and fresh clothes on Diwali. So wait not and buy a saree for the women in your family. If you scroll through the saree section of Amazon website, you will be surprised by the saree varieties that the offer.

Sarees for women

5. Home/ Kitchen Appliances

Indian women especially home-makers are known to spend a lot of their time in home/ kitchen. This Diwali, you can upgrade their home/ kitchen by gifting them new and latest home/ kitchen appliances. Put a smile on your mother's/ wife's face by gifting them gadgets that make their house work easier. Right from smaller appliances like a coffee maker or a blender to bigger appliances like a microwave or a double-door refrigerator, everything is available on a discounted rate at Amazon this Diwali sale.

Home/ Kitchen appliances for women

6. HandBags

A handbag makes a practical Diwali gift. It is women's companion while she goes out to shop or work. You can gift your mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend a beautiful, bright handbag that she can take anywhere, be it work or party. You can also buy her a combo of same coloured purse and clutch that she could use to take to gatherings or other events. On Amazon, you will find a variety of sling bags, tote bags, small trendy backpacks or crossbody bags for women.

Handbags for women

7. Skincare Products

None of us want our mother/ wife/ sister/ girlfriend to age and hence skincare combos make a perfect present to gift them this Diwali. You could buy luxurious anti-aging creams for your mothers, a skin-hydrating gift set for your wife or sister, and a trendy make-up cleaner set for your girlfriend. Skin care products comes with varied fragrances and different natural bases. You could buy this Diwali gift on Amazon.

8. Scented candles

Scented candles make a unique gift for Diwali. This gift is universally accepted by everyone especially women. Aromatherapy is all one needs this year. It can do wonders for their mood and bring back joyful memories. You can gift the women in your life a bunch of scented candles so that your house smells great this Diwali.

9. Make-up sets

Diwali is an occasion when everyone dresses up their best. Gift the women in your life a trendy make-up set that she could use along with her traditional attire. Amazon lists several such big and small make-up sets that includes kajal, lipstick, blush and mascara in many shades.

10. Sunglasses

Women seldom buy sunglasses for themselves. Sunglasses is a unique Diwali gift that you could present to your wife or girlfriend. Select one from a range of unique picks that Amazon offers.


Kids eagerly wait for Diwali so that they can receive gifts on a day other than their birthdays. It can also be a task to buy gifts for kids sometimes, but here are some ideas that can help you pick out some Diwali gifts for them.

1. Toys

Toys are without a doubt every kids favourite gift. Toys are in fact an easy Diwali gift idea to present to kids. You can either buy action figures, barbie dolls, hot wheels, Lego toys or even plushy toys.

2. Board Games

Board games are another great gift item to present children this Diwali. There are various interesting board games that you could buy as a gift, for example, there are various monopoly board games with digital calculator and items similar to that which keeps the kids occupied for a long time as well as increase their memory power and decreases their screen time.

3. Books

You can gift books to kids so that they start developing a reading habit this Diwali. This would enhance their vocabulary and hence enhance their language skills. It also makes a good gift for those kids who already love reading and have an interest in it. A wide variety of comic books plus kids' novels are available on Amazon bookstore.

4. Clothes

Diwali is all about wearing new clothes and bursting crackers and especially kids wait for Diwali to buy new outfits to wear and to show it off to their friends. Kids clothing is a popular segment in Diwali gifts on Amazon.

5. A Playing Tent House

You can buy a tent house for your kids as it is a very colourful item and it gives them their own playing space where they can arrange their toys and play with them. You would also find them asleep in this tent house as it gives a very cosy feeling to them and hence they would not lose interest anytime soon.

6. Play-Doh

Play-doh is loved by most kids as it is a very colourful toy and it also enhances kid's creativity. Sure they might mess up your home with Play-doh but it will definitely enhance their mental skills.

Selecting gifts for Diwali can be a tedious job but these ideas can make it easier for you to buy gifts. Let us know if we missed out on any of the gift items.



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