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Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India

AliExpress is one of the most popular global online shopping portals right alongside likes of Amazon. It is an online shopping website meant for the selling primarily Chinese products at lower rates to the people of other countries. If you are having the patience to wait for some days, then AliExpress is the best shopping site where you can get a variety of products. The quality of the product is assured by the manufacturers, also you have an option to get a refund for the product if it is late or not up to your expectations. The best aspect of AliExpress is that one can choose one's country, language and currency and shop as if it was a local website. In this article, we explain how you can go about shopping on AliExpress and make the most of its exciting reasonably priced products.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India

Don't you feel excited to know more about getting benefits from AliExpress? Go through the article to know more about method of payment, coupons, also the biggest offers they provide to their customers to improve their shopping experience.

About AliExpress

Are you interested in shopping online? You must be very familiar with the sites like Amazon and Flipkart from where you can order a variety of products without physically going to a shop. If you are looking for decently good quality products at a lower price, here comes another online store for you, AliExpress. This is owned by the Alibaba group which is a famous name in the e-commerce world which aims at selling Chinese products to the customers directly in bulk.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
About AliExpress

In this marketplace, you can buy the products from small businesses and factories in China, the native Chinese citizens will have to use a separate marketplace for shopping. While shopping you will find a large variety of products, at an affordable price compared to many other online stores.

Why is it good to buy from AliExpress?

There are so many e-commerce sites these day, so why should you buy from AliExpress? There are number of reasons to explore and check out products available on AliExpress. The main factors why you should buy from AliExpress are -

  • Buy in your own currency and read in your own language

  • You can save a lot of money when buying from AliExpress

  • You can find all sorts of products on AliExpress - premium costly to decent quality - low cost products. The quality of the products on AliExpress will be as per its description.

  • You can get further discount if you want to buy higher quantities of same product

  • You can pay extra for quicker delivery or choose to get the delivery in few weeks without any shipping cost

  • Safety of ordering compared to other sites - AliExpress guarantees a refund to the customers if the product doesn't arrive at the right time. There is also an option to chat with the sellers

  • Most items can be returned for free. Products which can be returned for free would have this specified on products page.

The only disadvantage of buying from AliExpress is that it will take time to reach you. It may take 2-3 weeks to reach you if you choose free shipping or low cost shipping options. You can get it in few days to a week if you are ready to pay for quicker shipping. However this would drive the price up and Amazon might be a more cost effective option when you want a product quickly.

How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

Making your first purchase in the right way at the AliExpress helps you to get the product at the proper time and with care. Ensure your credit/debit card is enabled for international transactions from your bank. Most cards are usually enabled.

STEP 1: Go to AliExpress and signup to create your own account. They even offer a bonus coupon for the new users. You should see this coupon as a pop-up on main page.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
STEP1: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

STEP 2: Go to the little dropdown on top where you have to set the country as India and change the currency to INR from USD so that you can see the product price accordingly.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Step2: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

STEP 3: Just like most shopping portals you might be familiar with, AliExpress has many categories on the left side from where you can choose the product you are planning to buy, select the product considering the subcategories. For example, if you are looking for women's clothing, choose the type of dress of your interest. There will also appear subcategories for opting for the size, color, sleeve length, materials, and many more, which enhances your shopping experience.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Step3: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

STEP 4: You would often see a range of cost when you see a product on AliExpress. Do not get confused by this. The range exists because there will be options to choose from. There could be variations in size, colour or design due to which you will see number of options to choose from. Choose the exact product and where you would like to get the product shipped from and you will see the exact cost of the product.

As you can see in screenshot below from AliExpress, the product shows Rs.133 - Rs.242 as cost. But once you choose the exact colour you want and where you want the product to be shipped from, it shows exact product cost as Rs.214.39.

STEP 5: When you click on the product you want to purchase, there you will find the choice free shipping or minimal shipping cost. If you want the product quicker, you can choose the option to pay higher cost for shipping and you will also get a tracking number. Sometimes if a product can be shipped from more than one location, say China & Russia, you will have to choose the country to ship from before you can see the shipping charges. You can of course choose either option and click on country which costs less to ship. For India, due to geographical proximity, products shipped from China would be more beneficial.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Step4: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

STEP 6: Add the product to the cart and then checkout from there for proceeding with the purchase, then you can see the option to add a new debit/credit card for payment by filling in the details.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Step6: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

STEP 6: You can click on the "Pay Now" option to complete your online purchase where you will be seeing a shipping address. Note that you

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Step7: How can you buy a product from AliExpress?

How to use coupons while purchasing from AliExpress?

While you purchase from AliExpress, you can get coupons which can give you further discounts on already low cost products. There are two types of coupons -

  • Store coupons issued by specific sellers that you can utilize when you buy a product from those sellers. The store coupons are obtained for free from the store page, product detail page, or even in exchange of your coins. When you view the product detail page, you will understand whether the coupon can be used for the product. There is an option for you to filter the products that accept the select coupon, the usage of coupons can vary from one or more based on the store rules.

  • AliExpress coupons issued by AliExpress which would be applicable across the site and would provide you a discount on final cart price. AliExpress coupons helps you to purchase the products from any of the stores on the site. This can be utilized for the combined orders from various stores, but only one coupon can be spent per order.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
use coupons while purchasing from AliExpress

Other ways of helping the customer to get coupons are by the exchanging of coins or through playing games through the website.

What are coins in AliExpress?

One can also earn coupons if you have coins. You can get coins by number of ways -

  • When you buy certain products, based on cost of the products you can earn coins

  • You can grab free coins if you check into mobile App of AliExpress

  • You can play Flip 'N' Win - a game in the mobile app where you have to pay some coins to play but can win even more coins and coupons as prizes.

Know about the 11th November sale

11th November Sale at AliExpress is the Global Shopping Festival period on AliExpress. It is one of the biggest online shopping festival across the globe along with the likes of Amazon's Prime day sale, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. You also get a a chance to buy the coupons you need at a lower price than usual days, you can add the products to your cart before 11th November. Check out AliExpress on 11.11 every year to assure that you get all the benefits and discounts.

During this offer time, you find the best discounts of the year on most products. Number of well known brands participate during the 11th November AliExpress sale. Check out the Brand Zone at AliExpress to see the brand specific pages.

During the 11th November sale, you would also find more coupons and coins you can earn. You will find games which in turn help you get more coins and coupons which will eventually further reduce your costs.

Payment and return policy of AliExpress

For people purchasing from India in AliExpress, they can pay through the credit card/debit card facilities as they don't offer cash on delivery here. When you do the checkout, there you will see the window to proceed with the payment option. There is a refund for ensuring the quality service to the customers, they can raise the dispute if the product arrives late or with some damages.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Payment and return policy of AliExpress

The buyer protection is the feature of the site, you can contact AliExpress support where your seller will also be notified about the issue. You can open a dispute if the seller doesn't respond, the AliExpress will return the money you paid but to process the dispute it may take time. If you have any dispute about the product, raise it right away because buyer protection is only offered till the duration of the delivery window.

How can you track your products in AliExpress?

As you know the products in this shopping site comes from the small business setups and traders in China, you can get a variety of things that can satisfy your needs. For some products you may find many sellers, you can choose the item from the seller offering you the good quality product at cheaper rates.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
How can you track your product in AliExpress?

There are two types of shipping available, one is free shipping while the other one is paid shipping charges. If you are choosing the subscribers allowing free shipping for the product, there won't be any tracking number so, you can't track your package and will have to wait for certain days mostly it is longer.

If the product is not delivered after the mentioned days, you can claim a refund of the item you ordered. So, if you are buying many products in bulk, it is better to choose the paid shipping which helps you to get the product sooner also to track the package.

Wrapping up the thoughts

Most people nowadays are into online shopping, where you can save your time also find all the products from different stores at the same site. AliExpress offers you the best shopping experiences with numerous good quality products from China, at cheaper rates when compared to most of the other online shopping stores.

Guide to AliExpress online shopping for India
Get the Best Shopping Experience

If you are looking for a product to be delivered in a hurry, this site may not be for you as they don't have a specific time taken for the free shipping. But if you have the time to wait for the product, this is the most suitable platform to get things you desire. Go purchase through AliExpress, get quality products from the trusted sellers, grab the chances to obtain discounts and offers on your every purchase.



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