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Guide to Cyber Monday & Black Friday Sale for India

All of us love shopping, especially when holiday season is around. At the same time, one could be worried about spending lots of money to get things for yourself and your family. Well, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the best time for shopping keeping your worries away as it gives you the chance to save money on each purchase. Know more about what are Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? What should you expect during these biggest shopping days of the year and How can you make the most of it, if you reside in India?

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
Your Full Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India

Before we dive into Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you might quickly want to know about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a popular festival of sorts celebrated in USA, Canada, Brazil and many parts of Europe. Though celebrated on different dates, it has similar origins and traditions where friends and family get together, there are parades, fun activities etc. In US, 4th Thursday of November is when Thanksgiving is celebrated. But what does it have to do with shopping festivals? You will know shortly, read on.

What is Black Friday?

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
What is Black Friday?

Black Fridays are referred to as the biggest sales which come on the day after Thanksgiving which introduces numerous deals to shoppers. This is the biggest retail shopping time of the year. It even starts sometimes before Thanksgiving and could extend for a week or so. Pre-Black Friday deals start popping up early assuring discounts for a wide range of products.

Though it started as traditional retail shopping time, online businesses have joined in and you can see all sorts of businesses participating and getting competitive during Black Friday to get the attention of more customers. It is common to see long queues outside stores on the morning of Black Friday with eager customers waiting for the doors to open.

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
Enjoy Discounted Deals Like Never Before!

While the best deals of Black Friday are offered for electronics, fashion, beauty products, home improvement products etc., you can find deals for probably anything and everything you may want to buy.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday along with Black Friday forms one of the biggest sales event in the United States and Europe. Cyber Monday takes place on Monday after the Thanksgiving in US. So the usual sequence of event is -

Cyber Monday as you would have guessed is a relatively new event and was born in 2005 encouraging buyers to go online and shop for products on e-commerce sites. Since then it has become a household term and one of the biggest shopping days in most parts of the world. Most of the online stores take part in Cyber Monday sale, and every year sees new highs in terms of number of shoppers and sales.

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
What is Cyber Monday?

The e-commerce sites take this as an opportunity to boost their sales with marketing strategies like offering free shipping, adding freebies or discounted bundles to attract more customers who enjoy the online shopping experience.

Which one is better? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The lines between Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals have been blurring over the years. Most of the retailers - offline or online have started having week long sale that starts before Thanksgiving and ends on Cyber Monday. While some allow you to pick-up coupons till Thanksgiving and have actual discounted sale between Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
What do you think about the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?

The general opinion says that Black Friday is better for retail sales and big ticket items. Whereas Cyber Monday is better for online sales, gift items, gadgets and online services etc. However, the difference between the two shopping days could be minimal.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale in India?

Guide to Cyber Monday Black Friday for India
How are these deals impacted on India?

If you are shopping from India, you have 2 ways by which you can benefit from Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals -

Order from International sites

There are many international e-commerce sites where you can order products in Indian Rupees or equivalent US Dollars and get them delivered to your home in India. They even provide free or reasonable shipping rates to deliver products to India. Most of such sites would celebrate Black Friday - Cyber Monday shopping festival and hence you can simply order products of your choice available at huge discounts delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Order from Indian sites

Many India based sites have started participating in Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping festival and provide attractive deals. You can utilize these deals and order just like you might have on normal days.

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Order e-products / tickets / bookings

If you are planning to order e-products such domain name, hosting space, premium version of softwares, educational courses etc. or even hotels, flights etc., you can anyway order products from International websites and get the e-products/license/installation etc. delivered to your inbox.

Click on these images to check out Black Friday - Cyber Monday deals

The details of deals will be announced by most of the retailers beforehand, so people can decide about the products they are going to purchase. Each year is usually bigger than previous one as number of Indians who buy during Black Friday & Cyber Monday keep increasing. Aren't you going to join in this year?

Final Thoughts

Shopping is always fun when it comes to huge discounts and offers, which encourages you to shop more than usual. This is the reason why we witness a rise in the shopping rates during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. There are several online and traditional retailers taking part in this aiming at increasing their sales every year, the customers are offered the lowest prices for the products from the best brands.

In India also you can claim these benefits as many shopping sites are giving these offers. Set your shopping calendar aiming at these sales, improve your shopping experience at reduced prices.