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Attractive Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Diwali

Decorating your home is the one of the most exciting aspects of Diwali, one of the most widely celebrated festivals of India. Not just to have a better looking home, but the process of ideating, identifying and putting up various decorative pieces brings whole family together. The final output of a well lit, aesthetic looking home is bound to bring smiles on everyone's faces.

Since the pandemic hit, everything has been put aside, be it travelling or going out with friends. As the Diwali festival season is approaching, the only way we could feel the festive vibes is by decorating our homes.

Diwali is on the cards and soon there would be an aroma of scrumptious sweets filling our house. When we know you cannot go out to meet your friends and relatives, we thought of making up for all the loss by giving you some ideas to decorate home for Diwali. With very little spend, you can buy the below-mentioned things to decorate your house this Diwali.

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Its Diwali time, its time to decorate your home

Places You Could Decorate in Your Home:

While you will find number of ways by which you can decorate your home this Diwali, we have also classified the ideas based on parts of home. So which part of your home are you planning to decorate this Diwali?

1. Diwali decoration ideas for entrance of your home

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Rangoli with Diyas are one of the most widely adopted way to decorate your home during Diwali

You can decorate your entrance with different items, for example, diyas, rangoli or flowers, all these are easily available. You could make use of some of our artificial flower decoration ideas to sparkle up the entrance of the house. These days, rangoli kits are available which make the process of creating beautiful rangolis easier.

You can make diyas around the rangoli and place it at your entrance. You can also make a beautiful rangoli using flower petals. You could also decorate your entrance by using some candles and make its look aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some diyas and rangoli kits for decorating home for Diwali. Click on the image to buy them -

2. Diwali decoration ideas for Living Room

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Floating Candles with Flower Petals can add a unique aroma to your home this Diwali

You can decorate your living room with different aroma candles that would make your living room look pretty as well as give it a nice fragrance too.

You can also decorate your living room with colourful lamps and artificial flowers. You could fill some water in a beautiful transparent big bowl or vases and have some artificial flowers floating in it with some colourful floating candles.

Checkout these scented candles to decorate your home. Click on the image to buy them -

3. Diwali decoration ideas for Balcony

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Paper Lamps, lantern jars and toran diyas are widely catching up as a trend to decorate your home on diwali

For decorating your balcony, you could decorate it with paper lamps or lamps in general. You can also draw a pretty rangoli with either colours or flowers in your balcony, and place candles or diyas around it.

You could hang lantern jars in your balcony to give it a very modern yet aesthetic look. You can also hang the Toran diyas in the balcony which would give a mixed look, modern plus traditional, to your balcony.

Here are some paper lamps, lantern jars and toran diyas that might help you decorate your home for Diwali -

4. Diwali decoration ideas for Bedroom

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
LED lights are a must use decorative raw material for Diwali

There are actually endless way to decorate your bedroom for Diwali. You can have marigold garland hung on the walls of your bedroom, along with which you could hang jar lanterns or place lamps. The bedroom can also be decorated with fancy photo frames that relive your past memories.

You can place a bunch of diyas at a corner of your room and make it look brighter and beautiful. You can also put up LED lights around your bed to give it a modern look.

With all these, you could also place some scented candles to give your bedroom a nice fragrance whenever you walk in. You can keep diya LEDs on the window panes as they are safer than placing real diyas as you wouldn’t have to worry about anything getting burnt because of that.

Here are some decoration items to help you give your bedroom a nice Diwali look -

5. Diwali decoration ideas for Verandah of your home

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Dont miss out decorating your verandah or terrace this Diwali

Having a big verandah can actually prove to be a bonus on occasions like Diwali. You can decorate the verandah using a lot of things.

You can place lamps or hang paper lamps in the verandah and place a lot of diyas according to your wish. You can hang artificial/natural flowers in your verandah.

You can also make a very beautiful rangoli in the middle of the verandah and place some diyas around it or some colourful candles around it.

You can hang LED lights with the artificial/natural flower string on all the walls of the verandah. If you want you can also place some classic traditional lanterns in your verandah. You can similarly decorate your terrace or penthouse balcony if you don’t have a verandah. You can hang these on the seating area, a gazebo, if you have one in your verandah/penthouse.

Here are some string lights and lanterns that might help you decorate your verandah -

6. Diwali decoration ideas for Dining Area of your home

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Floating Candles with Flowers in Glass can lift the mood at dining table during Diwali

You can find some Diwali themed coasters and place them on your dinner table with flower petals floating in water in a bowl accompanied with some candles.

You can also light some scented candles and place them in the centre of the dining table. You can place floating candles in small glasses and put some watercolour droplets to make the water look more aesthetic.

Here are some Diwali themed décor items that you can buy to decorate your dining table -

7. Diwali decoration ideas for Temple Area of your home

Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali
Temple Area needs a fresh look with garlands and lamps on Diwali

If your house has a big temple area then you can definitely make it the highlight of the house. You can place diyas and make rangoli in front of the temple entrance.

You can hang marigold garlands in the temple area accompanied by lights or just normal garlands. You can also light those big multiple copper diyas and place them on both the sides of the temple where the figurine of God sits.

Even in the temple, you can light the scented candles, so your temple keeps on smelling good as well.

Here are some garlands and diyas to decorate your temple area for Diwali -

And the classic way to decorate your home is to hang loose colourful LEDs from your balcony to give your entire home the Diwali feels!

Lastly, if you live in an apartment then you could also decorate your staircase by drawing rangoli and lighting diyas or simply placing candles.

You can also make some DIY decor items that you could use in decorating your home for Diwali. You can make Diwali themed coasters or even a candle holder at home and place it wherever you want them to be.

Despite the current situation we all still want to celebrate festivals like the usual and hence giving your home a festive touch is the most sane thing to do in this condition.

Which idea was your favourite to decorate your home this Diwali? Let us know in the comment section below.


Ideas for Decorating Home for Diwali


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