15 Lesser-Known Romantic Movies to Watch with Your Valentine!

Have you been planning to spend your valentine’s day at home? The best way of celebrating love while cuddling up with your partner on the sofa is relaxing with a movie marathon! Wondering what to watch? Here is a list of handpicked lesser-known romantic movies to watch with your valentine!

1. Jane Tu ya Jane Na

From best buddies to life partners…seems to be an easy road right? Well, not for Jai and Aditi! The freshness and frivolity of the young friends’ group will surely remind you about your days as fresh graduates. The twist may seem a little silly, but the hurdles and obstacles that come in the way of Jai and Aditi lead them to realize they had fallen for each other long time back and yet they did not know. Along with the storyline, youthful couple, and Rajput background, you will surely tap your legs to the beats of the peppy music.

2. Masaan

With the recent heartthrob Vicky Kaushal in the movie, Masaan offers an excellent storyline that contains two stories running parallelly until it intertwines at the end. The beautiful setting of the city Varanasi will surely keep you spellbound. While there are two tragic love stories, the movie ends with an interesting conversation that may flicker some love. Along with the harsh realities of casteism, corruption and social taboos, Masaan serves as a great realistic love story for making your valentine’s day memorable.

3. Tanu weds Manu

Time to lighten up your mood! This movie has a perfect set of arranged marriage and love at first sight. While Tanu and Manu are destined to be together, Tanu has been an interesting character who declines every marriage proposal to marry her boyfriend Raja but at the verge of the final elope, Tanu realizes that she has fallen for Manu. The good boy image of Manu is something you will love to watch in this movie. With fun and laughter, this complicated love story definitely qualifies for a romantic valentine’s day movie.

4. Parineeta

With the enticing Bengali Zamindari setting, the love story of Lalita and Shekhar somewhat redefines love in the light of time. The story starts with an event in the present where you can find Lalita as a married woman and Shekhar upset for her being married to Girish and not him. Soon the flashbacks reveal the love story of young Lalita and Shekhar and how it has led to the present time. The commitment and love despite the distance is something that you will love to watch with your valentine.

5. Lootera

As a tale of yore, Lootera is an excellent watch for valentine’s day. The beautiful yet tragic love story revolves around the virtue of trust and test of time in this movie. With the touch of a thriller as a zamindar’s daughter falls for a con artist, Lootera reflects the dilemma in love. The melodies in the movie will surely make a mark in your mind and you may find yourself humming the tune of ‘Sawarloon Sawarloon’.

6. The Lunch Box

In the crowd of streamline love stories, The Lunch Box is a fresh air that revolves around a middle-aged man and woman. It is quite strange how just a lunch box can build up a bond between two strangers with touches of deftness. With unparallel acting and unique storyline, the kindling romance is a great watch for valentine’s day.

7. Tamasha

Roleplay that can blow your mind! The unique storyline portrays two completely different sides of the same person and the love bond built between Ved and Tara during their role play in Corsica seems to fall apart when Tara met the robotic side of Ved. Tamasha offers a new perspective of love and life that you will surely love to explore with your valentine date.

8. Love & basketball

Want to watch some high school romance on valentine’s day? This one is the perfect pick for sports lovers as well. The story revolves around the Monica and Quincy who both share a love for the basketball game. While it holds out how gender discrimination still exists in game-like Basketball, the beautiful transformation of the relationship is something that you will surely love to watch. Both are ambitious and end up in playing in the pros, but the love story does end up with a happily ever after.

9. Howl’s Moving Castle

This Japanese anime by Miyazaki offers you to explore the land of fantasy on valentine’s day. The love story has a lot of magic and deep thoughts that require attention. An 18-year-old girl named Sofie, who works in a hat shop meets a wizard named Howl and soon after that, she is cursed to be trapped into the body of an old woman. With the excellent characterization of characters, this animation movie is the fairy tale love story that can surely make your valentine’s day movie marathon special.

10. The Longest Ride

As a Nicholas Sparks fan, ‘The longest ride’ is one of the lesser-known romantic movies that you will love to watch with your valentine. The love story is a perfect example of how people of different worlds can fall and stay in love even in the most life-threatening circumstances. Luke and Sophia are the young couples who had to endure conflicts so that their love can win over every obstacle that comes in their way.

11. Before Sunrise

A love story on the go! The young couple Jesse and Celine meet for the first time on the train and their long conversation makes it harder just to end it on the train. They end up having a great experience in Vienna exchanging words. It is a romantic teenage masterpiece that anyone can instantly relate to!

12. Love, Guaranteed.

Suing a dating site! Sounds interesting? Well, this was the theme plot when an Attorney named Susan landed a high paying case from a new client Nick who wanted to sue a dating site as it said it would help him find love but actually failed. The story of courtroom drama took a romantic turn when the things between Susan and Nick begun to heat up with romance. It is a perfect lazy romantic watch on Netflix.

13. Always Be My Maybe

Want to mix some laughter with romance? This rom-com can give you a great time watching childhood sweethearts become an ex and then end up crossing roads after 15 years. Friendship and chemistry are fresh and entertaining. Cute and charming is the best adjective to describe this valentine’s day movie.

14. A walk to Remember

Teenage love story away from every cynicism! If you have been looking for sweet positive love story filled with pure romance, ‘A walk to remember’ is the ideal movie to top your list. The love story of Jamie and Landon is pure as innocence and every scene in the movie will invoke your emotions.

15. Notebook

Away from the mainstream movies, this one is an Amazon original that beautifully portrays the scenic beauty and hardships for education in Kashmir. It may not seem to be a mushy gushy love but a platonic one. Kabir, an ex-army man joins as a teacher in a school in Kashmir where the school is run only for 7 children. The companion in his loneliness is a notebook written by Firdaus, the ex-teacher. The platonic love building just because of a notebook will surely amaze you.



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