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10 ways to spruce up your living room design

Living rooms are the ultimate hang out space of your home. It is not just the space where you relax and interact with others, but also a space where you welcome and entertain your guests. Everyone’s living rooms are different and tell different stories. So, before you set out to create your relaxing haven or bring any big changes into your living room, stop and take note of these few things first.

If you are thinking of remodelling your living area space read this before you make any bad investments.

living room design ideas
Living room design ideas

You can use this list of things as a checklist of your living room design ideas or use them to redecorate your living space.

1. Rearranging your Sofa sets

living room design ideas
Where to put your couch?

Rearranging the furniture for greater spatial flexibility is a brilliant living room design idea. The way you arrange your furniture can make your space appear small, large, cozy, elegant, or very clumsy. The most important piece of a living room is the sofa. So, where and how you place the sofa is very important.

Sofa: Here are some tips to place your sofa the right way,

  • Choose a focal point of your room, like the TV set, the fireplace, or simply the middle portion of the room. Now, place your sofa facing those focal points. That way you will keep the room airy and open.

  • Don’t always place your sofa against the wall. If your room is quite big with tall windows, try placing the sofa against the window keeping a short gap between the window and your sofa.

  • If you have a small living room with one window, then place the sofa against a wall, so that your window view is not blocked.

  • Place a small one-seater couch beside your sofa centering the coffee table or your focal point. This creates a welcoming ambiance and makes the place look less clumsy.

But, if you are living in a small space, the use of ottomans instead of the one seaters can be very productive.

Coffee table:

Another important thing to take into account as a living room design idea is your coffee table. You often fall under the impression that small coffee tables are alright, but it is not. Try a relatively bigger coffee table, you will know the difference.

2. Finding the right spot for media consoles/ bookshelves

living room design ideas
Bookshelves and media consoles

The next group of furniture is your media console or in some cases bookshelves. Well, the media consoles carrying your television sets should be your focal point of the room, so place it opposite your sofa sets.

Bookshelves give dimension to your room, so place them in those awkward corners beside your windows. Just make sure that you maintain balance i.e. if the window is in the middle of the wall, have bookshelves on either side of the window. This type of décor looks fabulous and timeless with built-in shelves.

If you have a continuous living and dining area, then bookshelves do wonders as a partition. Make sure that it is accessible from both sides.

3. Plants

Living room design ideas
Living room plants

Indoor plants bring amazing changes into your décor instantly. Hanging plants and creepers have become a common trend with the implementation of macramé ropes and glass jars. The trick here is simple. You need to find balance in your design by incorporating plants.

First, identify those negative spaces in your room, it might be in your walls, shelves, or that awkward corner beside your sofa.

Then, fill up those places with your favourite plants. For the wall, use hanging plants in beautifully decorated macramé ropes. For your shelves or floor use handmade planters or colourful pots.

4. Metal accents

No matter what your living room design ideas are, you can instantly change the whole area by just incorporating some metal accents into it. The best way to put metal accents into your living room is by placing metal legs into your coffee table or using metal-based side lamps, or metal framed photo frames.

If you are not confident with these metal accents, then go for smaller objects like metallic showpieces, or small metal accent planters, etc. Metal accents look best with a neutral or monochromatic colour palate. If you love neutral colours, and you have a living room based on neutrals, go for the metal accents.

5. Wall colours for your living room

Thinking of painting your living room walls a fierce red? Well, I’d suggest you paint only one wall with it as an accent or feature wall. You never know whether you will still love your wall colour six months later or not. So, it’s better to paint one wall if you need to bring in colours. It is best to make a feature wall opposite your sofa set.

If you don’t want to paint your walls, then it’s completely fine, you can create brick walls too or keep your walls white or grey and incorporate colours through your curtains, rugs, wall hangings, etc. This ensures the neatness in your design and looks more bright and welcoming.

6. Carpets

living room design ideas
Big carpets for small rooms

If you are redecorating, make sure you change your carpets. If you are looking for a living room design idea for small space, don’t go for those heavy coloured ones; rather look for striped or faux rugs. Choose a big carpet, it makes the room look bigger.

7. Organization baskets

These serve as accessories and look very pretty in almost all corners of your room. If you need to store some daily essentials, but just cannot find the right place to put them, simply stuff them in these baskets and let them sit in the corners.

Putting big floor plants in them is also a great living room design idea. The rug baskets and macramé baskets work best in such instances.

8. Cushions and throws

living room design ideas
Colourful throws and pillows

Putting a lot of cushions on your sofa immediately uplifts the mood of the space. The best way to maintain the overall composition is to combine the colour of your cushion covers with the colour of the walls, or curtains, and your sofa. Mixing and matching cushion covers makes the space brighter and well-composed.

9. Curtains

Before changing your curtains, take a close look at the design you created for your living room and then buy the curtains accordingly.

If you are going to use bright solid coloured curtains, make sure you have shades of that same colour somewhere in the room, it might be in your cushions or little showpieces, etc. If you have a small space and one single window, then don’t go for any type of flowy curtains, simply use blindfold curtains or sheer curtains.

Try to use floor curtains no matter what your window size is.

10. Lighting

living room design ideas
Choose proper lighting

Lighting is the most important element that will add an extra volume to your living room design idea. Without proper lighting, a room with very good décor looks dull. The lighting for your living room should be warm. So, don’t go for white lights, as too much of it can make the appearance harsh.

Use layers of lighting to bring that warm, cosy ambiance. Use task lighting accompanied by floor lamps and wall fixtures. Never use the same voltage of lights in all types. The task lights should have the highest voltage followed by floor lamps, and then the wall fixtures.

The wall fixtures will serve the purpose of highlighting your living room features, so it’s best to place them in your accent wall on either side. Apart from this, you can use ceiling fixtures or LEDs.

Here goes your 10 simple living room design idea to spruce up your boring living area. Let us know which one you liked the most and which one are you incorporating in your design.



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