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Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali

Rangoli word is formed from two words - Rang and Aavali which in sanskrit translates to colour and line or row. It basically means lines or rows of colour. Rangoli is a traditional artform born in Indian sub-continent with its roots in pre-vedic times. These are designs and patterns usually drawn on floor at the entrance to welcome guests or gods during auspicious occasions such as Diwali.

Diwali is always a special occasion filled with colour and light. Every year people look forward to celebrating this festival and be at their best without any compromises. The attractiveness of the Diwali festival is boosted by the beautiful rangoli designs made by people at their homes. Rangoli is a must do decoration idea that adds colours to entrance of the home and is also a way by which family members bond with each other. The possibilities of creating different and unique rangoli is immense. Only your creativity and skills can limit how beautiful your rangolis are. In this article, we give you some ideas on different types of rangolis that you can make this Diwali.

Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali
Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali

There are several existing designs, the size can be small to large according to your convenience and space available. You can make this Diwali special by incorporating the designs with the improvements, let's know more about the rangoli designs before preparing one at your place.

Why is rangoli special for festivals?

Rangolis have been part of indian culture since time immemorial. Rangoli designs could signify number of things from religious beliefs, traditional folklore, geometric designs or even impressions of birds, animals, gods and goddesses. The mesmerizing touch of India's traditional art form is seen in rangoli designs, where you can see the use of different materials to make the patterns colourful. There are different names for the rangoli designs throughout the country, used for various occasions. Rangoli is obviously an important and integral part in Diwali.

Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali
Why is rangoli special for festivals?

Diwali is a festival welcome goddess Lakshmi to our homes. When made during Diwali, rangolis usually symbolizes welcoming the goddess in our homes and seeking her blessings. Hence different forms of lotus are one of the popular rangoli designs traditionally done during Diwali.

Must have items before you start making Rangoli?

The important factors that help you in beautifying your art are the use of suitable materials, selection of the design perfect for the occasion, and your approach to complete the task. The rangoli designs are made by the people irrespective of their income levels and creative skills as there are a variety of ingredients that helps you to complete the rangoli.

Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali
Are you ready to make your Rangoli design for this Diwali?

Readymade Rangolis -

Firstly if you do not have that creative element in you, you can choose to buy readymade rangoli's that can be stuck or placed on floor. They come in various materials and price ranges. You just need to buy one that suits your need, size, choice and budget and order it from one of the sites below.

Check out these readymade rangolis for Diwali

Rangoli Stamps and Stencils -

If you are ready to try your hands on creating rangolis with your own hands but you are not very skilled at these things, try getting rangoli stencils. These make complex designs easy to make and usually all you have to do is choose colours and sprinkle them on the stencil.

Check out these rangoli stamps and stenchils for Diwali

Rangoli kits -

If you are a pro at creating things with your hands, you can create rangoli's from scratch. There are number of items available in market which would aid you creating intricate designs of rangoli. From small filler bottles with holes which help in sprinkling evenly to rangoli pens which help in creating proper outlines. These days you can buy a complete rangoli kit which makes creating complex designs easy and fun.

Check out these rangoli kits for Diwali

For every day rangolis at homes, people use white rice powder, but for festivals, it is made colourful with the help of other materials. For the 2D effect of rangoli designs, people commonly use flower petals, turmeric, chili, sand, rice powder, chalk, and brick powder. The readymade colors are preferred by most of the people, they are available in packets at shops near you. The grains and beads are used at the borders to produce the 3D effect while some others prefer using them throughout the design to get the desired effects.

Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali
Rangoli marks the Best way to celebrate Diwali

Some designs suitable for your Diwali celebrations

Another important step in rangoli design is the selection of the design you are planning to create, most of the time you may not be going with the traditional designs. You can get a vast collection of rangoli designs, also use your artistic skill to make the occasion perfect. For the Diwali celebrations, here comes some of the ideas along with Diwali rangoli videos.

1. Smaller Designs look Perfect:

Smaller designs are perfect for the people who are trying rangoli art for the first time but want to make the corner of your house beautiful with colors. If you are a busy person or don't have the time to prepare a big rangoli design, you can make your place colorful with small and simple designs.

You can also take the help of stencils, bangles, spoons, or similar things to create beautiful shapes in your rangoli. For the sample rangoli design, refer to the video above and make it innovative with your ideas.


2. Floral Designs are never-out-of-style:

You can create smaller rangolis in the floral, multicolor, or peacock designs which are popular, there are many other designs available to make the occasion filled with creativity. If you are planning to put the rangoli design at your doorstep with colors and simple materials, it will be perfect for your place. Check the sample video that helps you to get an idea about this rangoli design.


3. Try some Freehand Designs

Some people are skilled at doing freehand designs which makes their art more special. This can be made simple but you will feel more satisfaction at seeing the design created. If you are looking for a sample Diya design that you can make easily and provides simplicity in appearance, look here. If you prefer making a freehand floral design, check the video below to observe the video to help you in creating your design.


4. Go Grand with Elegant Peacock Style:

Peacock designs are never old to be made as a rangoli art, it always attracts the minds of people. You may think that it is so difficult to create this design at your place using colors, but things can be made simpler than expected. Check the video below for the peacock design that can satisfy your requirements, also making your Diwali decorations special.


If you are a big fan of multicolor rangoli designs, trying that this year will be better for you to enjoy the festival. You can choose the colors you prefer for making the design, also take the help of some common things at home to make your design perfect than before. Look the video below for a design that takes the help of many colors to make them beautiful.


6. Try your expertise at Big Rangolis:

People sometimes love to create bigger rangoli designs on the ground, if you are an expert try this at your place. This will surely impress your family and friends, also you get to add more creativeness to the design. The video below is one sample design that is big yet unique and colorful with the perfect combination of colors brightening Diwali celebrations.


Final Thoughts

Rangoli art is always special for us, it carries the cultural touch of our place, and brightens the festivals like Diwali. Everyone may not be a master's in rangoli designing, but it is not a difficult task if you are planning to create one at your place. You can find many rangoli designs, and making videos online, add your innovations to the design.

Special Rangoli Designs to Inspire You This Diwali
Rangoli Resembles Life!

There are products like stencils, fillers, and color tubes to make the rangoli perfect meeting your expectations. So, gear up the celebrations for Diwali, make your home colorful by making the rangoli adding your creativity, enjoy the festivity with uniqueness.