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10 Inspiring bathroom design ideas for a perfect makeover

Bathrooms are the trickiest to design among all the other spaces in your home, as they serve as the ultimate cleansing space in your day-to-day routine.

bathroom design ideas
Low Budget Bathroom makeover ideas

How much we all love to come home after a busy day and bathe in a calm and clean environment that cleans our mind and body! Needless to say, you must pay attention to details when it comes to designing your bathrooms or giving it a makeover that makes it the ideal spot for you to perform your everyday rituals. Now, there’s no need to fall for the illusion that you need to have a big-budget makeover. Even some simple and subtle changes can bring back the lost glory of your bathroom.

Here are some bathroom design ideas that will make your bathroom look more elegant and classy creating a warm environment conducive to relaxation.

1. Choose a monochromatic color scheme

bathroom design ideas
Monochromatic bathroom design

While choosing a color scheme for bathroom, keep in mind that color works as a composition, meaning, the color of the floor, walls, ceiling, and cabinetry together adds to the overall appearance of the space. A monochromatic color scheme like white, grey, beige, or even black brings in more depth and character into your space.

Pale colors like white and beige on the walls and ceilings reflects light in all direction and makes space look more airy, calm, and appear bigger. If achieving an elegant and clean ambiance for your small bathroom space is what you’re looking for then, going with a monochromatic color scheme will be an excellent bathroom design idea for you.

2. Accessorize the space

bathroom design ideas
Choose the right accessories for your bathroom

Decorative accessories incorporate a great deal of character into your space. A well-accessorized space speaks more to its dwellers. Accessorizing can describe a theme and imbue the space with a lot of interests. Some ways that you can accessorize your bathroom space to make it look more integrated are:

  • Incorporating greenery - Hanging plants ties up any loose ends in your design

  • Hanging wall art is another excellent accessorizing element that fills up the empty walls and makes space look more cozy and welcoming. You can use any type of wall art from paintings to abstract art or quotes. Even photo frames can do the job well. Just, make sure you don’t put too many things in one spot, which would make the space look clumsy

3. Spice up the cabinets

bathroom design ideas
Floating cabinets create a more sleek design

Playing with the set of cabinets adds more possibilities to your bathroom design ideas. Being the only big piece of furniture in your bathroom, cabinets allow you to experiment with pop colors and intrepid textures. Some of the ways that can make your cabinets stand out:

  • Use gorgeous wood texture for the cabinet doors

  • Paint the cabinet doors with a vibrant color to make it pop out from the rest of the space

  • Using floating cabinets brings a very sleek and modern look to your bathroom and can save much space

  • Make a combination of open and closed cabinets to make small bathrooms appear spacey

Whichever way you choose to design your cabinets, make sure it matches the overall theme of the space.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Bringing some outdoor elements inside is a terrific bathroom design idea that can instantly uplift the mood and ambiance of the room. Here are some ways to make your bathroom look more close to nature:

  • Hang plants near the shower or vanity area. It simply makes the space clean and airy. Succulents and hydroponics are good plant choices

  • A forest themed or floral wallpaper for your bathroom wall will surely do wonders. It is best for small spaces and usually looks best on the mirror wall of the bathroom with a white or light-colored countertop vanity area

  • Having a window in your bathroom is definitely a charm. It makes the space appear bright and cheerful with all the natural light flowing in

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5. Change the tiles

There are some things that you should keep in mind when choosing tiles for the bathroom:

  • Follow the overall color scheme of the space. Don’t go for too dark tiles if you’re following a monochromatic scheme

  • Opt for similar floor and wall tiles and cover the entire wall with tiles up to the ceiling. This makes space appear bigger. It is a very good bathroom design idea for small spaces

  • Another way to make small bathrooms appear bigger is by choosing bigger tiles rather than the small ones and place them diagonally on the floor.

  • Choosing a section of the shower space for a different tile than the rest gives a very classy look to your bathroom.

6. Incorporate proper lighting

bathroom design ideas
Pendant lights for the vanity area

Your bathroom might not be the ideal space to place a breathtaking lantern, but incorporating proper lighting can change the overall mood and ambiance of the bathroom. Overhead lighting is often overlooked when it comes to bathroom lighting. A good overhead ceiling light forms the base of lighting.

For more dramatic effects you can put ceiling lights in the shower area or wall lights around the vanity area. Dropping pendants to a low height in front of the mirror makes the space more intimate.

You can also indulge in strip lighting for the back of the mirror and under the cabinet. This creates an extra dimension and a cozy appearance. Being clever with lighting can make your bathroom appear more classy and make some interesting textural effects.

7. Indulge in a dramatic mirror

bathroom design ideas
Large rectangular mirror for the entire wall

Mirrors reflect light and can create the illusion of room enlargement. So, placing a big, dramatic mirror can be a game-changer. If you have an enclosed vanity space consider covering the whole wall above the basin with a large rectangular mirror. You can also go for a round mirror if you have a large wall.

8. A walk-in shower space

bathroom design ideas
A walk-in shower space

A separate walk-in shower space gives an ultimate designer look to your bathroom. Make sure to use a clear glass separation for the shower space. This makes it look more airy and clean. Walk-in shower space is an ingenious bathroom design idea for small spaces where putting a bathtub seems to be excessive and is just out of the question.

9. Bring in some metallic accents

bathroom design ideas
Metallic Accents

Some metallic accents bring that classy look in the light-colored bathroom space. Try metallic accent pieces for containers, cabinet screws, and other vanity products.

Metallic art pieces will also do wonders for your space. You can also install gold-colored faucets to get that expensive look.

10. Make use of similar containers

bathroom design ideas
Use similar containers

Almost all of us put our soap, shampoo, and other everyday essentials in the containers they come in. To make your bathroom design look more integrated, make use of similar containers for your essentials. This uplifts the look of the small part in your vanity area if not the overall design.

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Here go my top 10 bathroom design ideas that can serve you as a place of contemplation and the next time you return home after a busy day you’ll have a calming ambiance to wash away all the troubles of the day.

Let us know which design idea you liked the most and which ones are you going to follow to make your bathroom look more designer made.



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