10 Unique Instagram Story Ideas to engage your Followers

Being in social media, especially on Instagram, is something loved by people of all ages. The main advantage of this platform is engaging people of all kinds and places, some use this for entertainment but, some others use this as a proper way to raise their income.

An Instagram story feature is an attractive option that helps the users to promote their business, by introducing some of their brand products or creating awareness about their brand among the followers.

10 Unique Instagram Story Ideas to engage your Followers

But impressing your followers is not that easy, you require some cool Instagram story ideas to attract people with your Instagram stories. You can have lots of fun through these creative and interactive Instagram stories, so know how to make them impressive.

Know some positive strategies & incredible story ideas to engage your followers on Instagram:

Instagram stories need to be exciting if you want to stay in touch with your followers, here are some remarkable and beneficial Instagram Story ideas to impress your viewers.

1. Question and Answer sessions-

Question and Answer sessions

This is one of the interesting ideas where you can interact with your followers, they can ask anything to you while Instagram offers the best place to give answers. If you are promoting any of the brands or products, collect the questions from the customers or followers, answer them through the Instagram stories.

When you get tired of answering the same questions, you can create a story highlight of that session and direct the people with the same doubt to that particular answer.

2. Mention about your latest Instagram posts-

Mention about your latest Instagram posts

This is one of the highly essential Instagram story ideas. There is no guarantee that your followers are seeing all your posts, so let's make sure that our posts reach followers. You can include the screenshot of your latest Instagram post or feed in your stories to make the followers know about your latest post.

3. Bring more fun by posting contest-

Get more fun by posting contest

Instagram contest maybe a difficult task for you as the story is going to disappear after 24 hours, but this is one of the best Instagram story ideas to improve your interactions with the followers. Plan your content well, announce about the contest through the Instagram story and ask your followers to tag you while they participate in the contest through the Instagram stories by posting pictures or videos.

This will help to improve the count of your followers on Instagram, also you will get to know about the tagged post before it disappears if you are alert about the notifications. Keep a record of the contest entries by taking screenshots, this is a fun task helping people to know more about the things you want to convey to them as they are going to take a look into your posts.

4. Live sessions promote your aim to interact with followers-

Live sessions promote your aim to interact with followers

Going live on Instagram is exciting. Your followers can ask questions to you directly or comment on the section to let you know about their opinion on the live session. The users are mostly notified when live session starts, which will increase the people coming to interact with you in this live session as it is similar to real-time interactions.

This session will be available in your Instagram story after the live session for 24 hours so that the followers who missed the session can visit the video.

5. Poll stickers to engage your followers-

Poll stickers to engage your followers

The poll sticker is a feature offered by this social media platform, which is simple and can get more responses than expected. It is nothing hard as you have to ask a question to your followers. There are different topics you can choose but if you are with a business brand, ask them questions related to the products.

This is a fun session in which the user should opt for answers from the two responses, they are going to find this a fun session for sure.

6. Express your leadership nature through Instagram stories-

Express your leadership nature through Instagram stories

Instagram is the best place to express all your skills or yourself. Several people can inspire or encourage others through their words, this is well established through the Instagram stories. If you have expert ideas related to any field that can support your followers, you can interact with them directly through the stories or answer their doubts if they ask.

This not only improves your interactions with your followers, but also develops trust in people about the source of your information.

7. Share the efforts behind your work-

Share the efforts behind your work

Several people are selling their products through social media publicity, if you are one among them, this is the best way to let followers know you more. If you are making some of the products, be it some craft works or a cooking video, share it in your Instagram stories to interact with your followers.

They will leave messages for you. Understand that this is the proper opportunity to express your creative skills. Another way to attract your followers is to share behind the scenes where your work is done. This will leave curiosity in their mind. You can also share a glimpse of the things after the work is completed, this is a better strategy to make your followers interact with you.

8. Don't get confused, ask for suggestions-

Don't get confused, ask for suggestions

There will be times you are confused with the topic you should post on your Instagram story or need an opinion from others regarding a product or any other thing. Use these confusions as a better opportunity to interact with your followers. Share your Instagram story asking what is their opinion after sharing the matter or ask them what they want to see in your story.

If you have get good suggestions from your followers, you can post those in the Instagram stories tagging the person who has given the suggestion to improve your communication with the followers.

9. Include location in your Instagram stories-

Include location in your Instagram stories

You may be visiting some interesting places, it is obvious that you tend to share the pictures in your Instagram stories. There is the sticker for the location as a feature on Instagram, use this to let your followers know about the exact location of the picture you are sharing.

The followers get more interested to know about the post when the place is tagged. Also, people who look for this particular location can see your content on Instagram's location page.

10. Discounts for your product through Instagram story-

Discounts for your product through Instagram story

There is a high chance for you to get a new customer or a follower through this effort, which is beneficial for you all the time.

Final thoughts

Explore the World full of Creative Ideas

Instagram stories are not only meant for the people who are coming with their products, but it is also the space for people with creativity. You can create your Instagram story ideas to express your views through this social media platform to attract the attention of users with proper interactions with them. Ideas with positivity and fun are surely going to work, give it a try to bring out the creative skills in you. We hope the above mentioned Instagram story ideas helped you sail smoothly towards a better Instagram experience.


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